QUIT CLAIM - 1787 (Lonan)

Whereas Philip Fargher of the parish of KK Lonan by and with the joint consent of Mary Fargher als Kneal his wife did sell and dispose a parcel of Intack land or cottage unto David Mylroij of the foresaid parish called Close Moar as by a deed dated 17th December 1766 may appear for the consideration money of thirty pounds Manks currency and of the annual Chief Rent of six pence halfpenny or thereabouts and whereas by the Articles of Marriage of said Philip Fargher and Mary his wife the concern of lands that each of them had and were possessed of was settled upon their issue by a Deed bearing date 7th of December 1781 may more fully and at large appear

And the said Philip Fargher and Mary his wife have no surviving issue by marriage, only their son Philip Fargher jnr who is satisfied with the disposal of his said parents of said Close Moar for the consideration money above mentioned which hath come to be more advantageous and beneficial to him than if said Close Moar had not been sold by his said parents

Therefore now all men by these presents that I, Philip Fargher jnr by and with the joint consent and approbation of Mary Fargher have released, relinquished and forever quited claim unto the said David Mylroij, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns for all the right, title and property he hath or may have for his purchase of said Close Moar which he the said David Mylroij is to hold, possess and enjoy to all intents and purposes forever from the day of date hereof agreeable to his purchase deed and according to its force and strength under such …………….. and injunctions as are therein prescribed.

And for performance hereof the said Philip Fargher and Mary my wife do hereby bind ourselves, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns under the penalty and forfeiture of two hundred pounds sterling to be levied and paid according to law. As witness our subscription this 20th December 1787. Philip Fargher, Margaret Fargher my mark X

Witnesses Thomas Cowin his mark X, William Cowin his mark X

13th December 1788 Philip Fargher and Mary Fargher his wife acknowledged the within written Quit Claim to be their proper act and deed. Before me Thomas Moore

At a Court Baron holden at Douglas for Garff Sheading the 23rd May 1792 The before written Quit Claim being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it the same is therefore allowed of and confirmed. Richard Clague, Thomas Moore

[Ref: NSS May 1792 #39]


  1. Close Moar
  2. David was the son of Richard & Isabel Moore, baptised in 1727 in Lonan. He married Margaret Kermott als Killey 4th November 1755. They had at least four children: Daniel [b1756-1771], Margaret [b1759], David [b1762] & James [b1764]
  3. Margaret was a widow with four children when she married David. From their Articles of Marriage, it would seem that David took no land or possessions into his marriage to Margaret Killey and that Close Moar was contributed by Margaret's parents.
  4. It is curious that this Bill of Sale is executed the same day as Margaret's father was buried. it looks as if, rather than the terms of the Marriage Contract being observed, David has had to purchase the Intack known as Close Moar, even though Margaret's father had said that "the said parcel of Intack to pass in the nature of inheritance unto the foresaid daughter Margaret and to her issue by her husband David Mylroie"
  5. In 1781, David & Margaret settled Close Moar on their son, David jnr who married Catherine Quayle 1789
  6. David died 1796 and Margarett MYLREOIE als KELLY (sic) was buried 26th December 1799
  7. Lonan parish registers from the early 1700s are far from complete so extreme caution must be exercised when attempting to draw conclusions about these families and their relationships
  8. Lonan marriages list the marriage of Philip Fargher & Mary MYLCHREEST 1781

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