SALE - 1603 (Michael)

Know all men by these presents that I John McYlrea of the parish of KK Michael and Averick Cannell my wife with both our consent for diverse good causes and considerations us moving and especially for and in the consideration of the sum of 18 shillings of current English money by me the said John [received?] before the sealing hereof, have bargained and sold and by these presents do bargain and sell unto Patrick Cannell of the said parish of KK Michael all our whole right, interest and good will of or unto one quarter of ground lying in the said parish of KK Michael of the yearly rent of eighteen shillings from us the said John McYlrea and Averick Cannell and from our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns unto the said Patrick Cannell and to his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns forever after the date hereof to have, hold, .... occupy and quietly ..... the said quarter of 18 shillings rent aforesaid unto Patrick Cannell and his assigns in as large part as any other ...... had or …..the same with all and any the … commodities, Intack or ……..thereunto belonging or appertaining and binding us the said John and Averick and our assigns never after the date of these presents to molest or trouble the said Patrick Cannell or his executors or assigns……………. the said quarter of ground or any other parcel thereof.

John Mc ylrea his mark and seal X

Averick Cannel her mark X and seal

In witness whereof to this our Bill of Sale we the said John Mylrea and Averick Cannell have hereunto set our marks and seals the twenty-seventh of June in ano die 1603. John Mcylrea his mark X and seal, Averick Cannell her mark X & seal

Sealed, delivered in presence of these witnesses. John Quayle of Douglas, Robert Cubon, Dollyn Quayle, Patrick Kermott

This is a true copy of the original faithfully recorded by us people named are under written. Robert Molineaux, William Clucas, Ewan Christian

[Ref: Liber Canceller 1608 p17 MNHLA]


  1. No record of marriage between John McYlrea & Averick Cannell
  2. John & Averick lived in the treen of Balycrynan, where another Mylrea (Thomas) lived with wife Ann Moore. When Ann Moore died 30th December 1600, she named inter alia John, Donald & Averick Mylrea so perhaps Thomas was John's brother, and Donald was either another brother or John's son
  3. The Manorial Roll for Michael in 1515 shows 3 Mc gilreas living on Balycrynan: Richard, John & William. With John's sale here (1603), and Thomas's sales (1597, 1602, 1607), the Mylreas had left the treen altogether
  4. In the 1600s, several Mylreas from Michael left wills although whether they were of John's family is unknown:
    • 1595 Johanis Mc ilrea (children William, Johns, Jonet, Donald, Johanis)
    • 1600 Ann McYlrea als Moore (no children?)
    • 1627 Richard (children Christian, Thomas, William & Bahie)
    • 1634 Madge Tear als Mylrea
    • 1637 Joney Cannel als Mylrea
    • 1650 Margaret Mylrea als Callister (children William, Ales)
    • 1654 Willliam Mylrea (children Mabel, John, Jane)
    • 1684 Hugh (only refers to wife but does not name her)

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