SALE - 1663 (Michael)


Know all men by these presents that I John McYlrea of the parish of KK Michael with the consent and assent of Katherine Cally for diverse good reasons and valuable considerations us hereunto moving but especially for and in consideration of the sum of forty shillings of current money already paid at the writing hereof,from and at the hands of Patrick Cally of the parish of KK Christ Lezayre for a parcel of meadow land called Close a Quaquin, which parcel of land we the said John and Kath do give, deliver, surrender and sell from us, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns unto Patrick Cally of the foresaid parish, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns forever by these presents for which parcel of land was given me and my wife we [….]ation, bargain and bind ourselves and heirs for which said parcel of ground of three half pence rent being in Ballaugh do fall unto us after the death of our mother Mary iny [Mcylvorey?] then we bind our selves to enter and enrol the said Patrick’s name immediately afore and to take possession and do confess this to be our act and deed and have caused this Bill of Sale to be written and set to our signs this 23rd October 1663 we do bind ourselves in the penalty of four pounds the one half to the Lord of the Isle and the other half to the party performing bargain.

John McYlrea his sign X, Katherine Cally her seal and sign X

Testes: John Teare his mark JT:, John Cannell his markJC, Robert Freere his mark RF

17th May 1671

This day the above John McYlrea came into the Court and acknowledged the above bargain to be his voluntary act and deed and his wife's and craved our confirmation thereunto which is granted according to the statute made and provided in that behalf. Henry Howell, Richard Stevenson, Thomas Norris, Thomas Huddleston

[Ref: Liber Canceller (1676-1681) 1680 p61-62]


  1. This piece of land was in Ballaugh, although John and Katherine seem to have been residents of Michael
  2. A Liber Vastarum entry for Ballaugh in 1672 says that the land was a piece of Intack with the note:, "This 1 3/4d chardged on the names of Jo: Quaile & Tho: Kinley as their proporcon (the quest avouching the same) being in the right of Jo: Mcyllrea by the marriage of his wife Kath Cally (as also averred by the said Quest) hath sold [his part forever to] the said Patt Cally (the other .. remaind on the name of Thom Kinley) as appears by bill of sayle confirmed by the officers
  3. A Mally Inerea was buried in Ballaugh 3rd Feb 1663/4 but her death occurred after the above sale; a Marriod Cowley was buried in 1662 in Ballaugh - perhaps Katherine's mother?
  4. John & Katherin purchased land in Rencullen quarterland in Michael some years later and then sold it just a few years afterwards (notably two of the signatories of this current Bill of Sale wereJohn's joint tenants in the Rencullen quarterland)
  5. John might have died in 1675 in Michael. His last recorded transaction was in 1670 when he observed they were selling because of poverty
  6. If the vendow was John who died in 1675, then he was buried with the notation in the Michael parish record "heir to Balemenagh", which is either a quarterland in the treen of Shalghag (his father then was Thomas and his grandfather Rich), or in the treen of Oristall (father then William and grandmother Margaret Callister)
  7. Nearly 200 years prior, the 1515 Manorial Roll for Michael shows several Mc gilreas in the parish: Richard, John, William, Donald & Fynlo & Liber Vastarum in the mid-1500s reveals additional McGilreas (Robert, Patrick, Mitchell)- more than in other other parish at the time
  8. In the 1600s, several Mylreas from Michael left wills although whether they were of John's family is unknown:
    • 1595 Johanis Mc ilrea (children William, John, Jonet, Donald, Johanis)
    • 1627 Richard (children Christian, Thomas, William & Bahie)
    • 1634 Madge Tear als Mylrea
    • 1637 Joney Cannel als Mylrea
    • 1650 Margaret Mylrea als Callister (children William, Ales)
    • 1654 Willliam Mylrea (children Mabel, John, Jane, Richard)
    • 1684 Hugh (only refers to wife)

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