MARRIAGE CONTRACT - 1705 (Lezayre)

Articles of Marriage agreed and concluded upon by and betwixt Thomas McYlrea and his wife Jony on the own part in the behalf of their son John, and Will Corkill on the other part in behalf of his daughter Margaret as followeth:

1. It is agreed and concluded upon by and betwixt the foresaid parties that the aforesaid John McYlrea and Margaret Corkill shall enter into the holy estate of matrimony at or before the 3rd of February next, God and holy church allowing the same

2. The abovesaid Thomas McYlrea and Jony his wife do promise and oblige themselves to give to the said John and Margaret ….. Michealmas next the one half of all their lands of what nature soever with half the houses and gardens belonging to the same and half their crop of corn with half the gears belonging to the farm and the other half of the lands and houses and gears after the decease of the said Thomas McYlrea, reserving the widow’s right of his foresaid wife if she do survive

3. The foresaid young couple do promise to give in consideration of the aforesaid bargain the sum of forty shillings besides what was due to the said John by the death of his mother quitted and discharged

4. The foresaid Will Corkill do promise and oblige himself to pay to the foresaid John and Margaret in portion or marriage goods the sum of twenty pounds, ten pounds thereof in money or money worth as they shall agree and two daymath of hay in Close Wellan in lieu of the other ten pounds viz. to be in the young couple’s choice the ten pounds or continue the two daymath forever always provided that if there be no issue begotten by the said John and Margaret living to enjoy the same that then the said two daymath of hay is to return to the executors of the said Will Corkill and if the before wise wife agrees that what goods was due to the foresaid Margaret by the death of her mother …… in the said portion to the performance of all and singular the premises all the above parties have bound themselves in penalty and forfeiture of forty pounds sterling the one half thereof to the honourable Lord of the Isle and half to the party grieved or performing ….. in the …. money hereof have subscribed their names and marks this 31 of January 1705. Thomas McYlrea his mark X, Jony McYlrea her mark X, Will Corkill his mark X, John McYlrea his mark X, Margaret Corkill her mark X

Signed and delived in presence of these witnesses Robert … his mark X, Fflinlaugh Qluaige his mark X, Pat Boyde his mark X, Edward Christian



All the parties subscribed excepting Margaret Corkill who is with .... have acknowledged the above Articles to be their voluntary act and deed. Before me Dan Mylrea

We the Setting Quest of KK Christ Lezayre do hereby certify that the rent of the within contraction is five pence and this we certify to be ………… as witness our names and marks the twenty day of November 1706. John Christian his mark X, Patrick Kneale his mark X, Robert Christian his mark X, Jo Curlett X

At a Court holden at Castle Rushen the 21st of November 1706 The within Articles of Marriage being acknowledged before the Deemster by the parties subscribing the same the Court doth allow and confirm the same as far as the lands therein mentioned. Robert Mawdelley, Chris Parker, John Parr, J. Rowe, Will Ress, W. Sedden

[Ref: OD Lez 2/15]


  1. Ballacooiley
  2. One of the Mylrea mysteries - John was the oldest son of Thomas Mylrea & Joney Craine, born c1687 (but no LDS record) so not entitle to be heir-at-law to the family estate but that appears to be the case from this Marriage Contract
  3. The older brother William who married Katherine Cowle had the legal right to the estate but seemed to negotiate his own Marriage Contract two years later, while his father and stepmother (Jony) were still alive
  4. The document suggests that Jony was not John's mother but Margaret, Thomas's first wife, did not have a son name John according to her last will & testament
  5. William was the steward of Ballacooiley in subsequent years so the significance of this Marriage Contract, and the place of William in the family are clouded
  6. John married Margaret Corkill in Andreas 1705. They had no surviving childrenand he was 51 when he died
  7. Half-sister Margaret (born 1684) predeceased him, leaving six children to whom John’s will provided 1s 2d legacy each
  8. Nephews Thomas, Nicholas and John were surviving sons of William, his older ½ brother
  9. John left livestock & grains (mostly) to Mylrea family members; his wife’s 1741 will left a meadow, livestock & grain (mostly) to members of her family
  10. Oates Killey was married to John’s full sister, Jane born 1698. She died 1764
  11. Sisters Katherine & Ellinor were married to Gilbert Cowley & William Clague respectively
  12. The executor, Thomas Mylrea, was the heir apparent to Ballacooiley
  13. Joney Mylrea is something of a mystery - logically his mother who was still alive but married to John Curlet
  14. "The heir of Aairy Ween" is also a mystery - a parcel of land named Eirey Ween was listed in Woods Atlas as belonging to a William Cowley of Braddan. A century earlier than Woods, a Thomas Mylrea (husband of Jane Karran) purchased an Intack in Braddan- Eirey Louen- in 1749 from Thomas Cubbon, and later sold it to William Corlett

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