Marriage Contract - 1724 (Douglas)

July 24th 1724

Articles of Marriage made, covenanted, concluded and agreed upon by and betwixt Richard Killey of the town of Douglas in behalf of his daughter Kathrin Killey on the one part and Margaret Moor als Costean of the said town in behalf of her son John Cottiman on the other part as follows:

First It is agreed upon that the said young couple shall be joined together in the hoyd estate of marriage before the expiration of one week next ensuing the date hereof, God and holy church permitting the same

Secondly The said Richard Killey with the consent of his wife Jane Killey doth promise to give unto his daughter Katherin as portion or marriage goods the sum of ten pounds, besides what she had of her own proper goods

Thirdly The said Margaret Moor (als Costean) doth likewise promise and hereby settle on her said son John Cottiman the fourth part of that garden which is part of the tenement of Ballakermeen or all the right that she hath or might have to the same

Lastly For the performance hereof the said parties do bind and oblige themselves, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns the one to the other in penalty and forfeiture of twenty pounds sterling to be levied according to law

Witness their hands this 24th July 1724 Richard Killey X, Margaret Moor als Costean X, John Cottiman X, Kathrin Killey X

Witnesses John Christian, John Corris

22nd October 1726 Richard Killey and Margaret Moore came and have acknowledged the within Articles of Marriage to be their voluntary act and deed. Before me Charles Moore

At a Sheading Court held in Douglas the 6th May 1727 The within Articles of Marriage being acknowledged before the Deemster and now pubished in open Court and no objection offered against them, the same are therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law. Thomas Horton, Charles Moore, Nicholas Christian, Dan Mylrea, John Brownell

[Ref: N/SSS May 1727 #65]


  1. Katherin Killey was the older daughter of Richard Killey and Jane Killey als Mc Ylroy. She and John Cottingham (sic) were married 26th July 1724
  2. They had children Jane (1725), John (1727), son (1731)
  3. Her mother Jane was the younger daughter of Katherine Moore and John Mylrea. Jane's mother Katherine died in about 1698, and father John left the island and never heard of again, so presumed dead.
  4. The Killeys held cottage allotment #104 (later renumbered 109), the entire allotment described in Lib Assed three houses and two gardens 12d, another little house and a house and garden on the sand side 2d Total rent 14d. Included in #104 were two tenancies purchased by Richard, and a third much more valuable tenancy which Jane had inherited from her parents
  5. Next door neighbours were Phil Higgin and his wife Jane Mcylrea, and Robert Lewn, father of Margaret the wife of Thomas Mylrea. The allotments were on Barrack St
  6. Jane married Richard Killey in 1689 in Braddan, so presumably she was born in the late 1660s
  7. Richard Killey was a weaver. They had children Charles (b1693), Richard (1699), John (1701), Catherine (m John Cottiman), Esther (m Peter Moore, Joyner) 1704. John and Charles both died before their father had died, leaving Richard jnr, Catherine & Esther
  8. Brother Charles had five children Richard (1731-1740), Thomas (1732-1732), Charles (1733), Jane (1735-1735) by wife Dorothy Gawn m1730 & d1735, and Elizabeth (1740) by second wife Margaret Maddrel m1739
  9. Sister Esther had children Richard (1735), Esther (1739), Peter jnr (1741), & Isabel (1737) with Peter Moore; after his death, Esther married Richard Joiner in 1742 and had children Margaret (1743) & Catherine (1745)
  10. Jane died 1725. Richard was described in the parish register of his burial: "old Richard Killey aged about 90" : 30th May 1744 Braddan so Richard was born 1655-1660
  11. Parts of allotment #104 had already passed via a sale to Thomas Cannell in 1707, and Cath's brother Charles as a gift in 1723. The remaineder passed to Cath's sister Esther, and then on to Esther's son Richard Moore in 1762

Associated Documents

From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1759-1 E d KILLEY Richard d 17 dec 1758; only dau Ellinor admx; pledges John Christian carpenter, Matth Christian butcher (both Douglas). Is this their surviving son?

1779-2 E w COTTIMAN Catherine; son Richard if he comes home shall by being mother''s exec have the right & property of the 3 daus of aforesd of Charles Stuart 1 page (looks like 2nd page of will); husb Charles decd dated 20 oct 1779; [the transcription of burial reg gives her age as 91 - there is a marriage of a Charles Stuart to a Cath Cottiman Bra 08 SEP 1761 + family but no obv bapt of a Richard] - not Katherin???

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