MORTGAGE - 1749 (Douglas)

Thomas Mylrea of the town of Douglas, Isle of Man also my wife Margaret Mylrea do own and acknowledge ourselves to have borrowed and received from the hands of John Waterson of Ballacottier in the parish of KK Braddan the sum of seven pounds Manks which sum we promise to pay yearly and every year lawful interest out of the same and also to be accountable for the principal sum aforesaid. And for the further security of the principal sum and interest I Thomas Mylrea and Margaret my wife, also our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns both mortgage the half of our dwelling houses and garden with all ways, water courses, easements, liberties and advantages unto them belonging unto the aforesaid John Waterson his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns until the aforesaid sum of seven pounds be fully paid and satisfied, also the interest due out of the same. And to the performance of this agreement the parties herein mentioned and concerned doth bind themselves the one unto the other in the penalty of fourteen pounds currency of this Isle to be levied according to law. As witness our names and marks this twenty-fifth day of November 1749. Thomas Mylrea his X mark, Margaret Mylrea her X mark

The witnesses present John Kissag jnr, Wm Kissag his mark X

7th May 1750 Thomas Mylrea and Margaret Mylrea acknowledged the within Bond and Bill of Mortgage to be their voluntary act and deed. Before me John Taubman

At a Sheading Court holden at Douglas the 7th October 1751 the within Bond and Bill of Mortgage being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it the same is therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law. Dan Mylrea, Basil Curphey, John Taubman, William Christian, John Quayle, Dan Mylrea

I acknowledge to have received the seven pounds consideration money with the interest and all charges attending, therefore this Deed is cancelled. Witness my hand this 10th May 1755 John Waterson. Before me ….. Quayle

[Ref: SSM Oct 1751 #92]



  1. Thomas signed mortgage document with a X
  2. He married Margaret Cowin about 1739 although no record of the marriage survives
  3. Absolutely no evidence of who his parents were. He would have been about 10 years younger than Thomas Mylrea (wife Jane Karran) and considerably younger than Thomas Mylrea (wife Margaret Lewn) UNLESS this was a second marriage for Thomas
  4. Eight children named in his will and seven with baptismal records: Thomas ( ??), Philip (b1741 m Margaret Lewn), Edward (b1743 m Dorothy Fargher als Kewley in Lonan), Margaret (b1746 m John Crow), William (b1749 m Jane Taggart), John (b1753 died soon after), Mary (b1754 married John Cottier), Ann (b1758 did not marry)
  5. Thomas must have had a steady income to have paid off the mortgage by 1755. He was recorded as a weaver on the baptism record of his son William, born 1749
  6. BEST GUESS: Thomas lived in cottage 112 in Douglas, in which he had inherited a lifetime occupation from his first wife Margaret Lewn who had died in 1738. This son Robert was left the house by his mother, and on his death it passed to their second son Thomas
  7. This was the first of three land transactions that Thomas & Margaret undertook 1749, 1753, 1756

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