MORTGAGE - 1756 (Douglas)

Know all men by these presents that I Thomas Mylrea of Douglas in the parish of KK Conchan with the consent of Margaret Mylrea als Cowin my wife divers good causes and considerations me thereunto moving but more especially for and in consideration of the full, just and entire sum of fourteen pounds of good and lawful money Manks currency to me paid at, by and from the hands of Christopher Waterson of the parish of KK Braddan have given, granted, demised and mortgaged and by these presents to give, grant, demise and mortgage unto him the said Christopher Waterson all right, interest and title that we now have or hereafter may have unto a house, back side and garden belonging to us namely one dwelling house and the said house, back side and garden adjoining to the north of Thomas Corlett in the south and to Paul Quirk in the north and to the common street in the east the said house back side and garden being two pence yearly Lord’s Rent or thereabouts unto him the said Christopher Waterson, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns to have and to hold unto him the said Waterson the said house, back side and garden together with all water and watercourses, easements, liberties and advantages to the premises belonging or in any wise appertaining for and during the term and space of five years commencing from the date of these presents he the said Christopher Waterson yielding and paying during the term of this demise the annual rent with all dues, duties, suits and services due and payable out of the premises at the times and seasons usual and accustomed, and if in case the sum of fourteen pounds shall not be fully and truly paid at one entire payment at the expiration of the said term of five years by us the said Thomas Mylrea and Margaret my wife, our heirs and assigns, that then and in that case it shall be lawful to and for the said Waterson to hold and enjoy the premises for him one year longer and so from year to year afterwards until the said sum be truly paid and satisfied as the Act of Settlement directs, provided nevertheless and it is hereby provided that we the said Thomas Mylrea and wife are to hold and enjoy the premises during the term of this demise, paying unto the said Waterson and assigns the lawful interest of the said sum and if in case the interest is behind in any year that then and in that case it shall be lawful for the said Waterson to fall upon and possess the premises as well as the principal as for the interest that shall be behind and in arrears

And for the true and lawful performance hereof we the said Thomas Mylrea and Margaret my wife do bind and oblige ourselves, heirs, executors and assigns in the penalty and forfeiture of forty pounds sterling to be levied in the nature of all fines within this Island. In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and marks this 30th day of January 1756. Thomas Mylrea, Margaret Mylrea my mark X

Signed and delivered in presence of us Patrick Clague my mark X, Thomas Gelling my mark X

31st January 1756 Thomas Mylrea and Margaret Mylrea acknowledged the within and above Bill of Mortgage to be their voluntary act and deed and also to be paid the sum of fourteen pounds the full consideration money therein mentioned. Before me John Taubman

At a Sheading Court holden at Douglas 7th May 1756 The beforegoing Bill of Mortgage having been acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it the same is therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law. Dan Mylrea, Dan Mylrea, John Quayle, John Taubman, Dan Lace

[Ref: SSM May 1756 #34]


  1. This was the second mortgage for Thomas snr & Margaret. Their first was in 1749 and they paid it off in May 1755
  2. Thomas snr married Margaret Cowin about 1739 although no record of the marriage survives; his first marriage was to Margaret Lewn who died in 1738
  3. Eight children named in his 1773 will: Thomas (1721 from 1st marriage), Philip (b1741 m Margaret Lewn), Edward (b1743 m Dorothy Fargher als Kewley in Lonan), Margaret (b1746 m John Crow), William (b1749 m Jane Taggart), John (b1753 died soon after), Mary (b1754 married John Cottier), Ann (b1758 did not marry)
  4. Thomas snr was recorded as a weaver on the baptism record of his son William, born 1749
  5. Thomas snr had come by this property through the generosity of his son Thomas jnr, who inherited a major share (4½d) in 6d rent cottage #112 from his mother. Thomas jnr gifted a 2 1/8d rent to Thomas snr in 1753, and Thomas snr sold a small part to Thomas Curlett in 1753. He retained the remainder which he mortgaged twice
  6. Christopher Waterson was listed as a debtor in Thomas's probate papers of 1773, and recorded subsequently as the tenant of Thomas's share of cottage allotment #112, which means that the mortgage had lapsed. What happened to Margaret after that time is unknown
  7. Mapping by Nigel Crowe shows that this cottage #112 allotment was on Barrack St, with neighbours in 1705 Richard Killey (and Jane Mc ylrea), Robert Joyner (and Margaret Mc ylrea), Philip Higgin (and Jane Mc ylrea) and Thomas Mylroi
  8. BEST GUESS is that Thomas Mc Ylrea snr originated in Michael, an estimation based solely on the DNA of one of his descendants who has a match much closer to the Irish Mc Elreas than the Ballaugh Mylreas

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