Will - 1689 (Douglas)


In the name of God amen I Amey McLeroy als Watson being sick but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given to Almighty God do make this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following viz:

First I bequeath my soul into the hands of Almightly God my savior ........doubting but through the meritorious death of my ever blessed redeemer... number of his ..... .

Item I bequeath my body to Christian burial.

Item I leave to my son Robert Joyner one shilling legacy.

Item I leave to my .... Hennry Mcleroy six yards of hurdon cloth for shirting as a legacy

Item .. my wearing apparel both of linen and woolen equally to be divided between my daughters Alice Joyner and Jaine Macleroy.

I also leave my said two daughters my part of goods and cattle (chattels?] of what kind or nature soever.

I constitute and ordain my two daughters Alice and Jaine my true and lawful executrices of this my last will and testament.

Witnesses present .... Joyner, Philip Claige my mark P, William Flaxney ] jurati

Alice Joyner one of the executrices at age is sworn in form of law and to be fair to the other executrix who is under age

Probatum est et solvit

[lengthy Inventory] The father hath the younger executrice's goods and hath given pledges Philip Clague and the other executrix hath given pledge in form of law David ...............

Jan 17th 1707

Item Mr Jo: Graham (Alice Joyner’s husband) received her part of the clear inventory viz £1/6/0 and acquits her brother Robert Joyner his executors, administrators and assigns forever. Witness his hand John Graham Teste me JWoods R Ep

Dec 23 1714 Philip Higgin (husband of Jane Mcylrey one of the executrices) owns to be paid from his brother Robert Joyner all that fell due to his wife by her father and mother Henry and Amy Mcylrey. Witness his hand Philip Higgin Teste me


  1. Amy had been married at least twice, first to William Joyner and then to Hen Mallereigh
  2. William Joyner was his father's favoured son and he enjoyed the bulk of his father's estate (E 0991641). In turn, the estate (allotments in Douglas) was passed on to William's son, Robert. There was also a daughter Alice about whom little is known
  3. First husband William Joyner died 1674 (E d 0991642)
  4. Amy died 24th May 1689, leaving an underage child Jane, her daughter with Hen, along with the two Joyner children
  5. Amy does not have a burial record
  6. Husband Hen MAELEREIGH buried 8th December 1689 in Conchan, about 7 months after the death of Amy
  7. Children Robert Joyner (b1653) married Margaret Mallereigh 1685; Alice Joyner (b c1670) married John Graham 1707; Jane McLeroy (b c1680) married Philip Higgin 1703
  8. Robert Joyner & Philip Higgin were mariners, recorded together as crew on the Henrietta in 1705. William Joyner's father (Robert) was a mariner, and Robert has also been recorded as a mariner so perhaps this Joyner family had a sea-going tradition?
  9. Robert's step-father was Hen Mallereigh and his wife Margaret's father was John McYlroy, so there's some prospect that these two fathers - John and Hen - were related although no direct evidence has been found
  10. Both Robert & Jane married individuals who held Douglas allotments in addition to the ones they inherited from Amy/William/Hen: See Nigel Crowe's site for more detail from the 1705 Survey of Douglas allotments [Robert 12/15, 13/09, 16/05] [Jane16/06]
  11. In 1730, Amy's children were living as adults in Douglas : Robert Joyner (widowed) alone, Alice Graham (widowed) with four children, Jane & Philip Higgin with one child
  12. Jane Higgin died 1736; Robert Joyner & Alice Graham both died 1744
  13. NOTE: Be aware that cottage allotment numbers changed over time as Douglas expanded. Rent and neighbours are key elements in confirming whether the tenants (eg Robert Joyner) have changed properties or whether they have remained stable while the allotment number from one LA to the next has changed

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