Will - c1610 (Michael)

NOTE: Ann's will is yet to be found Episcopal Wills 1603-1619. However, in the meantime, her husband's will is included here:

The testament of Hughe Quaye whoe depted the [edge]--th daye of Februarie 1601:

firste I doe bequeath my soule into the hands of almightie God and my bodie to be buried in Sct Michaels the north yorde,

Itm I leave to the poore dj firlt: malte 1 mutton

Itm I leave to my daughter Christian one chamber wch hathe an A---n in it, more to my sayd daughter one mayre of iij yeare olde,

Itm to Agnes eni ylrea my wyfe 1 cowe,

Itm my wyll is that one younges heffer wch I have shalbee solde to paye the churche Duties and other my debtes, and the remayned betweene my executors vz: my sonne Robart Quaye and Agnes my wyfe,

Itm to my daughter Margerett Quaye I stoude wth ij f----ds

Itm to my daughter Ellen dj one barrell ----

pbatum est et solvit vjd

testes iurati John Kellie & John Quaye

Whearas Robarte Quaye claymethe a bargaine granted him at his mariage wch was that he shan----e have all his fathers & mothers goods after theyr decease notwthstanding he is contented yt his ij systers either of them have a chamber and all the reste of the houses that pteynethe to father and mother to be his after the decease --d thes mother wthoute further troble


  1. Son Robert, daughters Christian, Margaret & Ellen
  2. Son Robert is married or about to be married, so parents perhaps born 1550-1560??
  3. Also several Mylreas from Michael left wills, although whether they had links to Anne's family is unknown:
    • 1595 Will: Johanis Mc ilrea (children William, Johns, Jonet, Donald, Johan)
    • 1600 Will: Ann Mylrea als Moore (wife) (no children?)
    • 1627 Will: Richard (children Christian, Thomas, William, Christian, Bahie)
    • 1634 Will: Madge Tear als Mylrea
    • 1637 Will: Joney Cannel als Mylrea
    • 1649 Will: Margaret Mylrea als Callister (children William, Ales)
    • 1654 Will: Willliam Mylrea (children Mabel, John, Jane)


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