Will - 1798 (Braddan)

Domini 1797

In the name of God Amen

I Ann Ager otherwise Mylrea of the parish of Braddan being of sound mind, reason and judgement and in order to prevent trouble that may arrive after my death do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say

First I recommend my soul to God who gave …. and my corpse to be interred in a Christian manner at the discretion of my executors

I leave 6d legacy to Ann my daughter.

Secondly I leave 6d legacy to any lawful claimant.

Thirdly I leave John Ager my son and Jane Ager my daughter whole and sole executors of all I possess of what nature or kind soever to be equally divided between them.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 14th day of July in the year of our Lord 1797 Ann Ager my mark

Witnesses present Robert Cannell, John James Adams ] jurati

At a Chapter Court holden at Douglas 12th June 1798 John Ager one of the executors being off the Island Jane Ager the other executor is sworn in Court in form of law to be true to her ….. in the division of the effects and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely the witnesses of the will

Probatum est



  1. Ann was buried 20th April 1798
  2. Ann (McYeroy) married James Eager, Santon 13th Dec 1760, so presumably this is the Ann who died in Braddan
  3. If she was about 25 when she married, then she was born in the mid 1730s. Only recorded baptism that might relate to Ann is Lonan 1730, daughter of Edward McYlroy who, as yet, remains unconnected to Mylrea families on Isle of Man
  4. Ann's children: (1) Jane baptised 1762 Santon (died 1810/1843, unmarried Braddan), (2) James baptised 1764 (Mylroy)? married Isabella Gell? James died 1804 – has will E 1 0106409, (3) John born 1766 (Mclroi)? A John Eagar died in Liverpool in 1842 (4) Ann Eagar baptised 1772, child of James Eagar & Ann Mylrea/Mcylroii (earlier child born 1769?), married Patrick Kneen 1794 Braddan?

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