Will - 1749 (Douglas)

AT KK Michael at the diocese of Sodor and Mann this 22nd day of ... 1749

Ann Harrison otherwise Lewn a native of Douglas having a right to certain goods and chattels within the diocese departed this life in the town of Dublin intestate. The Court upon intelligence thereof decreed her next of kindred namely her nephew Thomas Mylrea, son of Thomas Mylrea and Margaret Lewn, together with her niece, Ann Corlet als Lewn, joint administrators of her goods and chattels whatsoever moveable and immoveable whatsoever, said Thomas Mylrea being beyond the seas the administration is therefore committed to Thomas Corlet, husband of Ann Corlet als Lewn aforesaid who is sworn to bring to the Registry a perfect inventory of the whole effects as he can deliver the same as also for the payment of debts according to law to which end and for security of the Office he has given pledges namely Mr William Curphey of Castletown and Thomas Cain of KK Michael

Decretum est Edward Moore Salvo tamon injus vicino? jure solvit


  1. Ann Harrison als Lewn b1694 who died in Dublin in 1749
  2. She was the sister of Margaret McYlrea (b1686), wife of Thomas who married in Braddan in 1717, and of Robert Lewn. She was also the widow and executrix of Thomas Harrison who died in 1749 leaving his wife his major beneficiary
  3. One adminsitrator of Ann's will was Thomas Mylrea jnr, the son of Thomas Mylrea and Margaret Lewn, Ann's sister
  4. The other administrator was the husband of Ann Corlet als Lewn, the daughter of Robert Lewn. She married Thomas Corlet in 1738 having been widowed several times
  5. Thomas jnr was 17 when his mother died and in his 20s when his aunt Ann Harrison died. He was probably married and living in Liverpool by 1749. In 1748, a Thomas MULRAY sailor married a Mary Norton on 23rd February in the parish of St Nicholas, Liverpool, and the detail seems to fit the known facts about Thomas Mylrea from the sale documents for the property Ann Harrison bequeathed to Thomas jnr (of Liverpool, wife Mary)
  6. Thomas McYlrea jnr sold his share of Ann Harrison's effects to Thomas Curlet later in 1749, the latter presumably the husband of Ann, the other administrator. A Thomas Curlet went to Ireland to retrieve the estate of Ann Harrison, hardly the task of a stranger when there's a niece's husband with the same name
  7. Thomas Mylrea jnr had, after the sale of his share of Ann's cottage allotment to Thomas Curlet, issued a Quit Claim which meant that he had forfeited his rights to the legacy of Thomas Harrison, via his widow Ann Harrison als Lewn
  8. Mapping by Nigel Crowe shows that the cottage allotment involved in Ann's will was on Barrack St, with neighbours in 1705 Richard Killey (and Jane Mc ylrea), Robert Joyner (and Margaret Mc ylrea), Philip Higgin (and Jane Mc ylrea) and Thomas Mylroi.

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