ANN MYLREA als MOORE Will 1600 Michael

Copied from Joyce Oates' Archdeacon Wills 1600-1618 because it was embedded on p74 of a 755 page .pdf document

The testament of Annes Moore uxor (wife) Thomas McYlrea who departeth 30 of December

first my soule to Almighjtie God

Itm to the poore one boule malte 1 fir: wheate ij sheep the reste at discretion of my executor

Itm: to my mother Essabell Essabell Whingrene[?] her choyst beaste out of my pte

Itm: I geve to my husband Thomas McYlrea his choyse beast after my mother hathe pd her choyse

Itm: to John McYlrea 1 sheepe, 1 lamm

Itm: to Katherin Wrighte and Avericke enjLrea 1 calfe betwene them ----- to Donold McYlrea 1 hogg

Itm to my brother Robert Moore one oxe of a ye --- to Donolde to give one gyrkin clothe to my ----- what flaxe ----ye in my house

Itm: I doe constitute and ordeyne ----- and my brother and syster vz Thomas Moore, Robart Moore and Margerett Moore my true and lawfull exec: inventorie inferendum note sestum phillippi et iocobi sub pena xs[10s]

witness John Carett ad usum Regine Jurati John McYlrea, John McYlrea junr

The execut: at Lawfull

pbatu est


  1. No surviving burial records for Michael before 1610, & her will says she died 30th Dec 1600
  2. Husband Thomas, brothers in law (?) John and Donald, so perhaps the Ballatersin Mylreas in Ballaugh? But equally, the Dollough & Ballacooiley families also had a Donald & John of similar vintages so without additional information it's not possible to make the links (if any) to other Mylrea families
  3. Other surviving records show
    • Averick CRY, wife of Donald McYlrea, whose estate was in Ballatersin in Ballaugh. She died in 1625
    • Averick CANNELL, wife of John Mylrea, who together sold land in Michael in 1603, so perhaps the more likely Averick mentioned in Ann's will
  4. In 1597, a Thomas Mcylrea with wife Ann sold land in Michael to John Cannell, Thomas & Ann signing sale document. A subsequent 1602 sale to Cannell listed only Thomas, with only Thomas signing the sale document
  5. A third sale in 1607 from Thomas to Cannell notes Thoms Mcylrea being sicke and unable of himself to manure the ground hath in the presencse of divers witnesses sould out his whole interest thereof for evr unto John Cannell Liber Vastarum 1608

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