Will - 1834 (Lonan)

To the Reverend John Nelson Vicar General etc

The humble petition of David Mylrea of KK Lonan

Sheweth that Catherine Mylrea your petitioner’s late wife departed this life some short time ago leaving issue Margaret Quay, wife of John Quay, James Mylrea, William Mylrea, Robert Mylrea and Daniel Mylrea

That your petitioner is desirous to have administration of the effects of the said Cath Mylrea granted to her two sons, Daniel and William, and he has executed a power of attorney to them for that purpose

Wherefore your petitioner prays hereof and that upon proof of the matters aforesaid, your reverence may be pleased to grant administration of the goods and effects of the said Cath Mylrea to the said Daniel Mylrea and William Mylrea and your petition shall pray.

T.A.Corlett for the petitioner

Ordered that this petition do come on to be heard before me at an Ecclesiastical Court to be held in Ramsey on Friday 10th April whereof all proper parties and persons are to have due notice. Given this 4th April 1834. John Nelson

Ramsey April 10th 1834

James Mylrea, William Mylrea, Daniel Mylrea, John Quay husband of Margaret Mylrea being ill, the next of kin of Cath Mylrea are duly sworn in Court in form of law well and truly to administer the estate of the deceased, to pay her just debts and funeral expenses, to return a true and perfect inventory of all her goods and effects to the Episcopal Registry of this diocese whenunto hereunto lawfully requested, to be true and fair unto the others in the division of the residue of the estate and to do all other things in the office of administrators .......... according to law and thereto have given pledges namely Thomas Baldwin and Thomas Lewin, both of the town of Ramsey.

Decretum est

John Nelson

[several pages of inventory follow]


  1. Close Moar
  2. Cath Quayle married David Mylrea jnr, the older son of David Mylroie snr & Margaret Kermott als Killey, in 1789
  3. The couple had 9 children in Lonan of whom 5 seem to have survived to adulthood: Margaret 1790, James 1793, William 1803, Daniel 1805 & Robert 1811 [It is curious that Catherine mentioned 5 children in her will and David her husband who died six years later mentioned 6)
  4. In 1781, the parents of Catherine's husband had settled the family estate on their son, David jnr
  5. In turn, David jnr and Catherine settled the estate of Close Moar on their oldest son James in 1829, one week before his marriage to Margaret Teare
  6. Son William became a lead miner. He died young and his sons (also lead miners) migrated to the United States
  7. Son Daniel remained in Lonan and lived to the age of 94. He was a shoemaker by trade and a very successful businessman as well
  8. Son Robert also remained in Lonan, and was a farmer. He married three times and had many descendants. In 1833, his parents settled land that they had purchased on him which probably established his future. His father's 1840 will suggests that it was Robert who cared for his parents in their old age

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