Will - 1768 (Douglas)

At a Consistory Court holden at KK Patrick March 13 1769

Charles Killey of Ballabroii in the parish of Kirk Braddan departed this life on or about the 29th day of December last past intestate.

The Court upon intelligence thereof decrees his only child namely John Killey sole administrator of all his goods and chattels moveable and immoveable whatsoever who, being under age and none of the next of kin by the father's side having appeared to administer the goods of the deceased either at the last Court of Correction though publically and repeatedly called, the guarding of the orphan is committed unto Mr George Moore his grandfather which he undertakes and the said Mr George Moore being also a principal creditor by his consent the administration is committed to James Cowle of KK German who is thereupon sworn to well and truly administer the goods of the deceased to bring to the Registry a perfect inventory of said goods (which are to be sold at auction for the benefit of creditors, the orphan and all concerned to pay his just debts so far as will extend and the law shall bind and as he shall receive directions from this Court and likewise to be accountable for his administration when thereunto required to which ends he hath given pledges in form of law, namely the said George Moore and Rev James Wilks

George Moore aforesaid is sworn guardian and supervisor of the orphan and the widow to be sworn to render a just account of the goods to the administrator. Robert Radcliff

Decretum est 3s

Following on is a page of claims against the estate, then an inventory covering many pages, preceeded by the words:

An inventory and account sales of the effects of Charles Killey, late of the town of Douglas, deceased, as the same sold by public auction by James Cowell administrator of .. Barbara Killey widow and relict of the said Charles Killey

concluding with the words:

At a Consistory Court holden at Michael November 9 1769 The beforegoing Inventory and account sales returned by James Cowell administrator in trust who is to add hereunto as he shall discover... the funeral expenses to be subject to the further consideration and order of this Court. James Wilks



  1. Charles Killey jnr was the only surviving son of Charles Killey snr & Dorothy Gawn, and born in 1733
  2. When his father died in 1741, Charles jnr was in receipt of extensive land holdings, covering the quarterlands of Ballakermeen, Ballabroii and Ballawillingas well as several cottages/houses in Douglas [#14, #15, #104, #105, #107, #108, #109]. This wealth grew from a gift of a house on allotment #104 to his father Charles snr from his parents Jane and Richard Killey in 1723. Jane had received cottage allotment #104 (later renumbered 109) in Douglas from her mother parents, which was described in Lib Assed as "three houses and two gardens 12d, another little house and a house and garden on the sand side 2d Total rent 14d". The 12d rent had been inherited by Jane from her parents while Richard had purchased the 2d rent in 1686
  3. Next door neighbours were Phil Higgin and his wife Jane Mcylrea, and Robert Lewn, father of Margaret the wife of Thomas Mylrea. The allotments were on (now) Barrack St
  4. Charles jnr married Barbara Moore, the daughter of Sir George Moore of Ballamoore, in April 1757 and they had five children: Catherine (1759), Charles (1760-1765?), George Moore (1761), Dorothy (1762) and John (1764). All but John had died before their father Charles jnr, and legal dealings with Charles's death noted that John was "his only child".
  5. Sadly, a letter from another brother-in-law George Moore, writing to his father Sir George, tells of the death of Charles's remaining child: "I am very sorry to find the report of John Killey – Death is confirmed. Poor Bab will be in great affliction on this unfortunate event." and dated 18th March 1783 [MNHLA MS 2708c]
  6. Charles jnr had shown early signs of following in his father's footsteps, as a merchant in Douglas and also recognising the economic value of land. He too was involved in the Manx import/export trade and on occasion, a partner in business with his father in law, Sir George Moore
  7. Charles Killey jnr died in December 1768, at the age of 35. Hhe died intestate, unlike his father who had left a detailed will for the distribution of his lands. The Court observed that "none of the next of kin by the father's side came forward to administer the goods of the deceased" and awarded guardianship of his only surviving 5 year old son to his grandfather, Sir George.
  8. Charles's widow, Barbara, married William Maxwell, a Scot, in 1779
  9. The life of Charles jnr must have been difficult. He lost his mother at age 2, and his father at age 7, and although he inherited a significant fortune when he came of age, none of his own children survived and he (Charles jnr) died in his mid 30s, apparently in financial trouble: Philip Moore, his brother in law, in correspondence with his father Sir George said "I am sorry to hear Charles Killey''s affairs are in so disagreeable a situation", dated 25th July 1768 and written from Halifax in Nova Scotia [MNHLA MS 2860c]
  10. In 1760, Charles Killey jnr bought back Elizabeth's share of the Killey lands from Robert Kennedy, Elizabeth's step-father. This move might have been economically disasterous for Charles jnr. Perhaps sensing impending trouble, Charles jnr sold the Braddan quarterland Ballawilling in 1764, and his lands in Douglas to George Moore in 1767, the event recorded in 1768 LV. However, the sale documents do not seem to have survived
  11. This Charles Killey should not be confused with the individual who married Ann Waterson and died in 1766, because that Charles Killey had married daughters when he died (MANX NOTEBOOK SUMMMARY - court states thos kermod h/o margt, wm gelling h/o ann,edwd taggart h/o isobel). This Charles might have been part of the Malew Killey family
  12. MS 04329 = 1775 Barbara Killey accepting rent from Robert Heywood for Port e Chee factory - houses (to be located)
  13. MS 04954/47 = 1768 Kissack trying to collect debt from Charles Killey jnr (to be located)
  14. NOTE: Be aware that cottage allotment numbers changed over time as Douglas expanded. Rent and neighbours become key elements in confirming whether the tenants (ie Charles Killey) have changed properties or whether they have remained stable while the allotment number from one LA to the next

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From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

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