CHRISTIAN ILREA Will 1600 Ballaugh

Copied from Joyce Oates' Archdeacon Wills 1600-1618 because it was embedded on p25 of a 755 page .pdf document

The testament of Christian Ilrea wch departed this life the xix (19) th of Aprill Anno 1600

ffirst bequeathed her soule into the hands of the allmightie Saviour and redeemer and her bodie to be buried at her pish church of Ballelough

Itm bequeathed to the poore at alhallowitide 1 bz mault, 1 firlet wheate, and ij (2) sheepe

Itm in the hands of her half sister ------ xd [10d] whereof shee bequeathed to her said (sister?) vj (6) d the rest to be paid to her exececutor uncle John McIlrea vj (6) d legasie

Itm to [Ellinor?] Cannell the moneys that is in his hands and ----- of the wives of ------ sould ------------- give to her executor iij (3) s vij (6) d due price of -----

Itm constituted her Aunt Jonie Cannell and Thomas Corled eldst son to the said Jonie execut: the [rest?] of her goods movable and unmovable whatsoever one cowe wth her calfe, one younge steere, one younge oxe, iij (3) sheepe in the hands of John McIlrea

more Inventorie in his hands iijs vijd (ie. 3/6),

Item in the hands of Dollin Cannell iijs (3) vijd (6) - (ie. 3/6)

In the hands of Anne Ilrea iijs (3) vij (6) d (ie. 3/6)

Item ij (2) pte of a gridiron

Item ij (2) ptes of the roofe of the house

pbatum est et solvit xij (12) d

The xxvj (26th) th of ffebruarie Anno 1599


  1. Dollough
  2. Buried 20th April 1600
  3. Christian was unmarried
  4. The nature of her 3/6 legacies must indicate that her father's siblings were John McYlrea, Joney Mcylrea (married to Dollin/Daniel Cannell), & Ann Mylrea AND the existence of a half sister means that one of her parents remarried
  5. Other Mylreas buried that year in Ballaugh - John (July), Ann (August), Ellin & Ranold McYlrea (Nov)
  6. If the John Mylrea nominated in her will was the John Mylrea who died in 1600, then Christian also had an uncle named Donald (see 1600 Will: John Mylrea), so it is odd that Donald was not named in Christian's will, so the possibilty exists that the John Mylrea who died in 1600 was not the individual named John Mylrea, her uncle.
  7. On the other hand, Christian Mcylrea who died in 1603 was almost certainly the daughter of Raynold & Ellin, and this Christian nominated her brother John as her executor. This latter John was the patriarch of the Ballacooiley clan, who married Alice Gawn

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