Will - 1832 (Andreas)

originally submitted by Shirley C. Hogensen to Brian Lawson


In the name of God Amen

I the Reverend Daniel Mylrea, Archdeacon of this Isle, being of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding, but taking into consideration the uncertainty of this life do make this my last will and testament

First I resign my soul to God Almighty and my body to Christian burial in the burying place of my ancestors at the discretion of my executrix herein after named

Second I leave devise and bequeath unto my eldest son and heir at law Daniel Mylrea one half of my books and my best silver cup, - he having been already provided for by advances to sett himself in the Brewing business and also by a Deed of Settlement of the estate of Brewse by me duly executed dated the 3d June 1822

3rdly I leave devise and bequeath unto my son Thomas Mylrea the other half or moiety of my books. Also all my right and title to and into that parcel of land situate in the burough in the parish of Ballaugh as purchased by me from Joney Cannell. Also all my right and title in and unto two fields or enclosures situate in the parish of Andreas adjoining next to my estate of Ballchyrms as purchased by me from Thomas Lace to hold unto him my said son Thomas Mylrea his heirs executors and assigns from theday of the death of the survivor of me or of Susanna my wife in addition to the said estate of Ballchyrams already settled on him my said son by Deed of Settlement by me duly executed and bearing date the 3 June 1822

4thly I leave and bequeath unto my eldest daughter Susanna Alice the sum of one thousand pounds British as a legacy to be paid her at such time and in such manner as my executrix herein after named may deem most proper

5thly I leave and bequeath unto my youngest daughter Ellen the sum of one thousand pounds British as a legacy to be paid her in like manner at the discretion of my said Executrix

6thly I leave devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife Susanna Mylrea all my right title and interest in that and those dwelling houses with the Smithy yards and garden there unto belonging as now in the possession of George Quayle being built in a part of the estate of Balla Radcliffe in the said parish of Andreas. Also my right in that small garden adjoining the Glebe in the said parish of Andreas as purchased from William Kneen to hold unto her and her heirs executors and assigns forever. Also the rents issues and profits of my said several estates of Brewse, Ball Chyrms settled in my two son and by Deed as aforesaid and the said lands called the Curragh and Thomas Laces fields herein before devised to my said son Thomas for and during the time and term of her natural life. I also leave and bequeath her my said wife all and singular the residue and remainder of my goods, chattels, and effects of every denomination - mortgages securities for monies, bonds, notes, book debts and all other my property she the said Susanna paying to the Rector and Wardens of the said parish of Andreas the sum of twenty pounds British to be by them laid out on interest. And such interest to be paid annually to the Master of the Parochial School of the said parish

Lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my said wife Susanna Mylrea whole and sole executrix and residuary legatee of all the rest of my goods and effects of every denomination. In witnesses whereof I have hereunto sett my name this twenty-ninth day of October one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five 1825. Danl Mylrea

Witnesses: F. LaMothe, Wm Radcliffe,Tho Gawne

14 Jul 1832 - Susanna Mylrea sworn executrix with pledges Thomas Gawne of the parish of Rushen Esq Frederick Lamothe of the parish of Maughold Esquire and Mr William Radcliffe of the parish of Andreas who have entered into bond to the Lord Bishop of this diocese and his successors on the sum of two thousand pounds.

Probatum est

John Nelson

Codicil - Ellen Mylrea departed this life intestate and without issue. We therefore annul and make void all legacies bequests and devises unto her or in her favor made left and bequeath in and by our said will or wills and do devise and bequeath all and singular such legacies - monies, goods, chattels, and effects of every description so left devised unto her the said Ellen unto our beloved daughter Susanna Alice Mylrea to be paid and possessed by her in like manner as our said daughter Ellen had she survived us could have received and possessed the same. And we the said Daniel Mylrea and Susanna Mylrea do hereby publish ratify and confirm our said former will or wills and testaments in every other particular save as aforesaid. And do declare this to be a codicil to the said will and do desire that the same be so considered. As witness our subscriptions this 29th November 1830. Daniel Mylrea, Susanna Mylrea

Witnesses: John Shaw his x mark, Thos Gawne} jurati


  1. Deemster/Archdeacon/MHK/Attorney General line; and once possessors of the Dollough estate
  2. Oldest son of William Mylrea & Ellinor Gell, baptised 1757 Ballaugh
  3. He followed his father's footsteps and became Archdeacon of Mann
  4. Daniel married Susannah Curghey in Lezayre in 1788
  5. They had six children of whom four survived to adulthood but from whom no issue came:
    • Daniel (b1792 married Emma Crebbin)
    • Susannah (b1797 married Philip Moyle Lyons)
    • Ellinor (b1799 unmarried)
    • Thomas (b1804 unmarried)
  6. Rev. Daniel & Susannah made significant settlements on his two sons in 1822. Unfortunately, both sons died while still young men - Thomas in 1836 and Daniel in 1837
  7. The lands mentioned in his will were not part of the original Mylrea estate, the Dollough, which was sold off in 1777-1778. Instead, they were all situated in Andreas
  8. Neither son pursued the usual occupations for men in this Mylrea line, Daniel opting to be a brewer and Thomas an advocate

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