DANIEL CLARK 1778 Ballaugh

Ballaugh January 19th 1778

The last will and testament of Ballne cooiley in said parish being of bodily health and of disposing mind and memory made and declared the same as followeth – First he committed his soul to God and his body to Christian burial

Item He bequeathed and left to his grandson Daniel Mylrea the sum of one guinea to put him to some honest trade

Item He bequeathed and willed half his sheep to John Mylrea jnr of said Ballne cooiley

Item He left the clock to the heir who should succeed his son in law John Mylrea to the said estate Ballne cooiley

Item He declared that he had fully paid all that was bequeathed and left by his wife deceased to his daughter Margaret

Item He left sixpence to each claimant and one English shilling each to the witnesses of his last will and testament

Lastly, he willed and left all the rest of his goods lands and effects to his daughter Jane Mylrea otherwise Clark of said Ballne cooiley whom he also nominated constituted and appointed sole and whole executrix of all and every his goods and effects moveable and immoveable whatsoever Witnesses Jane Nelson my mark X Dan Stephen) jurati

At a Chapter Court holden at KK Michael November 17th 1778 John Mylrea husband of the above named Jane Mylrea is sworn executor in court in form of law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies viz Daniel Stephen the witness and William Corlett of Ballaugh. Probatum est Joh Moore


  1. Danie Clark was the father-in-law of Jane Mylrea, who married John Mylrea, Ballacooiley

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