1839 - Will (Braddan)

In the name of God and …. ….. I Daniel Mylrea at present of the town of Douglas, publican, being weak in body but of sound disposing mind memory and understanding do hereby make and declare this paper writing to be my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all and every will and wills by me heretofore made First I commend my soul to almighty God and my body to a Christian Burial. Secondly I leave and bequeath to my ... son Daniel and to my son Thomas the sum of thirty pounds British each for the purpose of putting and placing them to trades and business and to my two daughters namely Mary Ann and Sarah the sum of fifty pounds British each to be paid unto my two daughters when and as soon as they may arrive to the age of twenty one years. Thirdly and lastly I do hereby nominate ordain and appoint my ….. beloved wife Mary Mylrea whole and sole executor and residuary legatee of all and singular the rest and remainder of my goods cash credits and effects moveable and immoveable of every denomination and description whatever and wherever. In witness whereof I have hereunto caused my name and mark to be affixed this twenty first day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine 1839. Daniel Mylrea my X

Signed published and declared by the testator at and for his last will and testament in and … who at his request have become witnesses hereunto

Thomas Clague, John Radcliff

PROBATE WHEREAS the Ecclesiastical court of this diocese hath this day granted probate of the will of Daniel Mylrea late of the town of Douglas deceased to Mary Mylrea his widow who along with Robert Stevenson of Lezayre are sworn guardians over Daniel, Mary Ann, Sarah and Thomas Mylrea all minors under age and children of deceased and whereas John Radcliffe of Douglas in the parish of Onchan and the said Robert Stevenson of Abbeyville in the parish of Lezayre have agreed to become pledges to the said Mary Mylrea therefore know all men by these presents that we the said Robert Stevenson and John Radcliffe hereby bind and oblige ourselves and our executors and administrators as pledges to the said Mary Mylrea for the true and faithful administration of the goods and effects of the deceased according to law. Witness our subscription this 26th day of November 1839. Robert Stevenson, John Radcliffe

SETTLEMENT: At a Chapter Court holden at Douglas 26th November 1839 The executrix is sworn in court in form of law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely the witness John Radcliff and Robert Stevenson of Abbeyville in the parish of Lezayre and the said Robert Stevenson and the executrix are sworn guardians and supervisors of the testator’s children who are under age. Probatum est

J.B. Hendrick T.A. Corlett 7th May John Hogg/ surviving partner of Hogg and Curphey claims British £2/7/0 John Hogg/ surviving partner of Hogg and Curphey claims British £1/13/0


  1. Ballacooiley family
  2. Daniel Mylrea was the second son of Daniel Mylrea and Mary Hughes, born 1799 in Ballaugh
  3. Daniel jnr married Mary Stephenson 1826 Maughold, and had eight children, four of whom survived to adulthood: Mary Ann (1826) Daniel (1830 married Mary Ann Riley UK) John (1832-1833) Eliza Eleanor (1833-1839) John (1834-1836) Jane Elizabeth (1836-1839) Sarah (1837 married Norris Buckley UK) Thomas Stephens (1839)
  4. All but their first child were born in Douglas where Daniel & Mary were publicans
  5. The Robert Stevenson mentioned in the will was probably Mary's father or her brother.  The only adult Robert Stevenson in Lezayre in 1841 was a farmer, and married to Jane, with quite young children. LDS has a much earlier marriage of a Robert Stevenson to an Eleanor Corlett, more likely to be parents of Mary.  Kerrow Moar.
  6. Daniel predeceased his mother (Mary Hughes); his father, Daniel, died in 1830
  7. Daniel's wife Mary remarried, a William Buchanan also a publican, and had four more children, dying soon after the birth of the fourth
  8. Of the four Mylrea children, Mary Ann became a publican, never marrying, and living most of her life in Ramsey; Daniel left the island for a life in England although he returned in his later years to live with his step-family; Sarah married Norris Buckley in England, did not have children, and also returned to the Isle of Man; Thomas migrated to the US as a teenager. It would seem that he never married

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