Will - 1840 (Lonan)

To his worship Vicar General Corlett etc etc etc

The humble petition of Robert Mylroie of Lonan


That in the month of April last past, your petitioner's father departed this life but first duly made and published his last will and testament and thereof appointed your petitioner executor and residuary legatee

That your petitioner is desirous to have the said will received and probate granted and that petitioner may be sworn to execute the same in form of law

Therefore your petitioner prays a hearing hereof and upon proof of the matters aforesaid your worship may be pleased to receive the said will and grant probate thereof and appoint your petitioner executor thereof in form of law and he will pray. F.J.D. Lamothe, for the petitioner

Ordered that this petition do come on to be heard at a Court holden at Ramsey on Friday next the 5th inst. whereof all proper parties to have due notice. Given this 2nd day of June 1840 T.A.Corlett

By virtue of the worshipful Thomas A. Corlett esq, Vicar General, I have charged John Cowil? of Lonan as guardian of some of the next of kin of David Mylroie of Lonan to appear at an Ecclesiastical Court to be holden at Ramsey on Friday next when called upon to answer the suit and petition of Robert Mylroie this the 4th June 1840. James Camron, Summner of Lonan

At an Ecclesiastical Court held in Ramsey the 5th June 1840

Upon hearing this petition in presence of the parties and their advocates and upon ex........... F.J.D. Lamothe and Thomas Quayle the witnesses to the till of David Mylroie I am of the opinion that the said will ought to be received by this Court and probate granted thereon and the same is therefore hereby ordered, adjudged and decreed accordingly. T. A. Corlett


In the Name of God Amen

I David Mylroi of the Close Moar in the parish of Lonan calling to mind the uncertainty of this life do make this my last will and testament in manner following:

First I commend my Soul to Almighty God and my body to Christian burial

Item I leave and bequeath to my sons James, Thomas, William and Daniel and my daughter Margaret, the wife of John Quay, one shilling each as legacy

Item I leave and bequeath to my son Robert Mylroi with whom I now live and who has been my chief support in my declining age all my goods chattles cash and effects whether real or personal of whatever nature or kind soever and do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my said ...........

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  1. COLBY-Close Moar
  2. David was 78 years old when he died in April 1840 - there is no burial record for him in Lonan or anywhere on the Isle of Man. The Lonan burial records are apparently intact although that is not to say his burial was simply omitted from the register
  3. Older son of David Mylroi snr & Margaret Kermott als Killey, and baptised 1762 Lonan
  4. Married Catherine Quayle 1789, nine children of whom 6 were mentioned in his wll; James (1793-?), Thomas (1797-1840), William (1803-1848), Daniel (1805-1900) Robert (1811-1869), Margaret (1790-1851) [Oddly, when his wife Catherine died six years earlier, and only mentioned five children in Letters of Administration - no sign of Thomas]
  5. Wife Catherine Mylroie als Quayle died 1834
  6. His father, David snr, settled the family estate on him in 1781; David jnr settled the estate on his oldest son James in 1829 a week prior to James's marriage to Margaret Teare
  7. David jnr settled some land purchased in 1803 on his youngest son, Robert, in 1833, perhaps because Robert had cared for his parents in their old age
  8. David's will is problematic because the surviving document is incomplete, and undated. However, it would seem that one of the family challenged the will, given that there was a hearing at which advocates were present
  9. Son James (and heir at law) died in March 1839
  10. Son Thomas died in June 1840 although his mother made no mention of him in her 1834 will
  11. It is likely there was "bad blood" between Robert & his older brother James because a dispute over felled trees on Close Moar spilled over into the Enquest Court. Unfortunately James died soon after and it was his widow who was left to argue the dispute
  12. F.J.D LaMothe, advocate for Robert was Frederick John Dominique, born in 1805 to one of the old families of Ramsey

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