Will - 1839 (Douglas)

In the name of God Amen

To all persons to whom these presents shall come

Know ye that I Edward Mylrea and Margaret my wife of the town of Douglas being at present of sound disposing mind, memory and understanding at the making hereof do hereby make, say and declare this paper writing to be our joint last wills and testaments hereby revoking and making void all or any will or wills by us or any of us at any time heretofore made.

Firstly We and each of us do hereby commit our souls to God and our bodies to a Christian burial.

Secondly we leave and bequeath to our daughter Margaret Wilson otherwise Mylrea the sum of seven pounds British and to our daughter Jane Moore otherwise Mylrea the sum of seven pounds British and to our daughter Elinor Curphy otherwise Mylrea the sum of seven pounds British and to our daughter-in-law Elinor Mylrea otherwise Curphy the sum of seven pounds British as legacy.

Thirdly we do hereby give, devise and bequeath unto and upon our grand child Edward Mylrea all and singular the whole of our dwelling house back house or outhouse concerns and premises situated lying and being in Castle Street in the said town of Douglas wherein we now live and in our own possession bounded by the street in the north-west, the seashore on the south-east and by the …. of others to have and to hold the said hereby gifted premises unto the said Edward Mylrea (our grandson) his heirs and assigns at and immediately upon the death and decease of me the said Edward Mylrea the older and of the said Margaret my wife and not sooner, reserving to ourselves and to the longer liver or survivor of us the full possession and enjoyment of the whole of the said hereby bequeathed premises for and during our natural lives also reserving the full and whole use and benefit, privilege and interest of the back or out house of the said premises to and for our son Edward Mylrea during his natural life and our whole intent and meaning is that he our said grandson Edward Mylrea shall not possess sooner n or otherwise

Fourthly we do hereby leave and bequeath to all lawful claimants hereto the sum of one shilling legacy.

Fifthly and lastly we and each of us do hereby jointly and severely nominate, constitute and appoint the longer liver or survivor of us whole and sole executor or executrix of all the rest and remainder of our goods, cash, credits and effects moveable and immoveable of every kind and description whatsoever and wheresoever and witness our names and marks hereunto the fourth day of April one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine 1839 Edward Mylrea my mark X Margaret Mylrea my mark X

Signed, published and declared by the testator and testatrix as and for their joint last will and testament in presence of us who at their request have become witnesses hereto William Clague, Thomas Kewley ] jurati

At a Chapter Court holden at Douglas on the 28th day of May 1839 Edward Mylrea having departed this life Margaret Mylrea the survivor is sworn executrix of the foregoing joint last will and testament well and truly to execute and fulfil the same to pay all his just debts, legacies and funeral expenses so far forth as the goods and effects of the decedent will extend and the law bind her and to do all other acts and deeds pertaining to the office of executrix according to law – and to these ends she has given pledges namely William Moore and Christian Karran both of the town of Douglas

Probatum est Dan Nelson (official)


  1. Oldest son of Edward Mylrea & Dorothy Fargher als Kewley, baptised 1767, Lonan so over 70 when he died
  2. Married Margaret Christian 1792 in Onchan
  3. Sea captain - vessels Friends, Ally & Nancy, Three Sisters
  4. Children: Edward (1796), Margaret (1800), Elinor (1803), Jane (1805), Thomas (1810)
    • Son Edward married Elinor Curphey 1822, was a shoemaker. They went to live in Liverpool
    • Daughter Margaret married James Wilson 1834
    • Daughter Elinor married Richard Curphey, a tailor, and they too went to live in Liverpool
    • Daughter Jane married William Moore 1838
  5. No burial record for Edward snr
  6. Youngest son Thomas, b1810, died a few days later
  7. Edward, the grandson who inherited the Mylrea family estate in Castle Street, Douglas, was killed in an accident in 1840 in Liverpool (Mona's Herald, 17/3/1840)
  8. The seafaring tradition can be found in both his grandsons, as well as the husbands of his daughters, grand daughters. The name Edward also perpetuated through the generations
  9. Family of Edward Mylrea outlined in a US blogspot http://myenglishancestors.blogspot.com.au/p/famly-of-edward-mylrae.html (copy & paste into Google)

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