Will - 1788 (Lonan)


At a Chapter Court holden at Beemaghag in the parish of KK Onchan on the 3rd day of June 1788 Elizabeth McYlroi als Callow of the parish of KK Lonan having departed this life on or about the 21st day of January last part intestate and this Court having received intelligence thereof have decreed her four children namely Margaret, Esther, Mary and Ann McYlroi co-administrators of all and singular her goods, chattels and effects moveable and immoveable whatever who being of too tender years to undertake the burden of the administration of the said estate, David McYlroi and John McYlroi their uncles are sworn their guardians and supervisors as also in trust for them well and truly to administer the said estate, to pay all the just debts of the intestate so far forth as the goods and effects will extend and the law shall bind them and to return a perfect Inventory of the said estate to the Registry of this Court. To these ends they have given pledges in form of law namely Thomas Skillicorn and John Killip both of the parish of KK Lonan. Michael Callow and Thomas Callow uncles by the mother’s side are also sworn guardians and supervisors of the said children.

Decretum est

Ewan Christian


  1. Married William Mylroi 14th December 1771. Six daughters: Margaret (?), Esther (1774), Mary (1775), Ellinor (1777), Ann (1779), Jane (?); daughters Ellinor & Jane not identified in mother's will so presumably they had died between 1781 and 1788
  2. Her husband, William Mylroii, was the son of Richard Myleroi & his third wife, Mary Quark, and baptised 1746
  3. Husband William died 1781
  4. No burial for Elizabeth although there are no entries in the burial register between 7th April & 18th November in 1788. a similar fate is probably behind the
  5. Uncles David & John McYlroie were William's half brothers
  6. Esther married James Garrett in Douglas in 1802, Margaret MIGHT have married Edmund Clark, Mary MIGHT have married James Callow; of Ann, no further information is available
  7. Lonan parish registers from the early 1700s are far from complete so extreme caution must be exercised when attempting to draw conclusions about these families and their relationships

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