KK Malew January 17th 1683

The …………… will of Elizabeth Inyreah als Christian who committed her soul to God and her body to Christian ……. Item She bequeathed to the poor half firlot of barley or meal Item bequeathed to her husband the use of the big chest while he lived and after to her son if he lived or pleased his father well Item She bequeathed to Jane Conill her choice of the black or red petticoat with a …. ….. … and blue apron of ………… Item bequeathed to Thomas Parr clerk a ewe lamb at May next. Item She constituted nominated and appointed her husband Martin Mylliriah and her only child John Myllriah executors of all the rest of her goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever

Testes Thomas Parr, John Faragher

The inventory of the goods of the said Elizabeth and praized by sworn men viz Will Cain, Thomas Taylor, John Norris and Thomas Taylor as followeth: (list usually started with “ her part” and included household goods, some cows, horses and personal clothing - list amounted to 4/-) Pledges in form of law Robert Quayle & John Caveen


  1. Ballasalley
  2. Elizabeth was the wife of Martin McYlrea. They married 1654
  3. She was buried 22nd January 1683 (Inyrean)
  4. The name Martin is unique in Mylrea genealogy and while there is no record of Martin's birth, his mother had to be Issabel Mylrea who died in 1648 naming Martin as one of her sons
  5. Elizabeth & Martin had three children: Thomas (1657-1670); Katherine born 1660 - might have died 1669; John (1664)
  6. Son John married Elizabeth Bridson, Malew, 1684 and died 1699, 18 months after his father
  7. Family estate was settled on grand son John in 1718. By then, he was a tailor in Dublin and probably never returned to the Island, selling the estate to William Stole in 1735. This Mylrea line, if it continued, did so in Ireland or further afield
  8. Grand daughter Ellin had a Marriage Contract in 1722 with John Callister of Ballasalley
  9. There is much about the Malew Mylreas of the 1600s and early 1700s that does not hang together so extreme caution must be exercised
  10. For further insights into the Malew Mylreas, please refer to Mylreas in Ballaquaile and Fildraw

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