Will - 1758 (Malew)

Transcribed by Frances Coakley and taken from her CD

In the name of God Amen. I Elizth Killey daughter of Mr Chas Killey decd being of sound mind & memory do make this my last will and testament in manner & form following:

I committ my soul to God and my body to Christian burial

I leave and bequeath to my brother Mr Chas Killey all my right to the land called Baldin situate in the parish of KK Braddan

I leave and bequeath to my loving step-father Mr Robert Kennedy (for the great expence care & trouble he has been at on my acct) all my right to the lands & houses situate in the parish of KK Conchan, called and known by the names of Ballabroij or by whatever other name or names the same are known

I also leave and bequeath to him my sd step-father Robt Kennedy all my right to the houses in the town of Douglas, that is to say, the house in wch Mr Aitchison now dwells, the house called by the name of the Tobacco House, the house near the shore in wch my sd brother Chas Killey now dwells and also the house in wch John Baker now dwells with the appurtenances to all and every the above mentioned lands & houses respectively belonging or in any way appertaining

I leave and bequeath to my sd brother Chas Killey five pounds, to my brother Robt Kennedy one guinea, to my brother John Kennedy one guinea, to my sister Ann Kennedy one guinea. to my sister Margt Kennedy one guinea, to my aunt Alice Redfern five pounds, and to my cousn Frances Hingley five pounds

I leave and bequeath to my sd stepfather Robt Kennedy all the rest residue and remainder of my effects of what kind or nature soever. And I do nominate & appoint him my sd step father Robert Kennedy execr of this my last will

In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name this 27th October 1757

Elizth Killey

[]ny'd & published to be my last will and [testa]ment in presence of the subscribing witnesses

Dan Mylrea

Samuel Moore

Robert Quayle


  1. Elizabeth was the daughter of Charles Killey snr and his third wife Margaret Maddral
  2. She was born a few weeks before his drowning in a shipwreck off the coast of England in January 1741
  3. Her legacy was one quarter of the assets of Charles Killey snr, the remaining three quarters going to her half-brother Charles jnr who had, by law, inherited his mother's half of the family's assets when she died in 1735
  4. Elizabeth was the grand daughter of Jane Mc ylroy and Richard Killey who married in 1689 in Douglas
  5. Elizabeth's mother married Robert Kennedy of Malew in 1744, and that must be where she was brought up
  6. Although it was only one quarter of the Killey assets, Elizabeth clearly became a wealthy young woman. She died aged barely 17 years of age, before she had the opportunity to enjoy that wealth
  7. Her half brother Charles jnr bought out her father's legacy from her step father in 1760, and this move might have bankrupted him eventually

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