Oct 8th 1700
Last will and testament of Ellinor Cannell als McYlrea who departed this life 24 day of September 1700 of good and perfect memory, in manner and form following. First, she committed her soul to God and her body to Christian burial.

Item She left and bequeathed unto her daughter Kath a blanket and a sheet and a cow and a calf legacy.

Item She left unto her …. a woollen wheel likewise.

Item She left unto her daughter Bahy ten shills and two sheep legacy.

Item To her son Nich she left ten shills and two sheep.

Item To her daughter Margaret a qrt of a steer and two sheep legacy.

Item She nominated and appointed her son Gilbert her true and lawful executor of all the rest of her goods moveable and immoveable in presence.

Item To the witnesses of her will, sixpence apiece legacy.

Item To her two daughters Kath and Margt apiece laughtan for petty coats and to her daughter Bahy …. quats of grey wool

Inventory of the goods of Ellinor Cannel prized by four sworn men John Caine, Tho Caine, Hugh Wood and Wm Grimsey after all debts and amounts to £2/7/0

Jo Cain his mark, ...... Grimsher her mark X } jurati

The executor is sworn in form of law

Probatum est & solvit

8th Nov 1700 Gilbt Cain enters against the Exec of Ellin Mc Ylrea for 2s and craves tryal Eoden die: Mary Quayle enters for 8s

15th July 1717 NIch Cannell owns to be paid from his brother Gilbt Cannell the ten shills & 2 sheep bequeathed to him in the within will. Witness his subscription Nich Cannell his mark X.

Before me J. Woods Reg Ep

.. & anno supradict

Margaret Cannell owned to be paid 4s 6d ... for the quarter of a steer bequeathed .. her in the within will. Witness her mark Margaret cannell her mark X

Before me J. Woods Reg Ep

I Margarett Cannell to Gilt Cannell of KK Michael do hereby acknowedge myself to be fully paid and satisfied in whatever goods and effects was due to me the said Margaret by the death of my mother Ellinor Cannell als Mcylrea. I say satisfied in penny and pennyworth as witness my name and mark May the 15th 1718. Margaret Cannell my mark X

Witesses Wm Grensaw my mark X, Jon Caine my mark X




  1. Married Rich Cannell 1659, KK Michael?
  2. Only Rich Cannell baptism record 1631 s/o Dollin; no record for Ellin
  3. Baptismal records for four of the six children mentioned in Ellin's will tend to confirm that Ellin married Rich, although later land records suggest she was born about 1631
  4. Children - Gilbert (1669); Bahie (1671); Ellin (1673); Nich (1676). No baptism records for Kath or Margaret but both mentioned in will
  5. Several Mylrea-Cannell marriages in Michael in the 1600s (Jony Mylrea & William? Cannell ; Ellin & Rich Cannell m1659; Jane Mylrea & Jon Cannell c1679, Mary Mylrea & Rich Cannell c1690)
  6. 1679 LIVES FOR MICHAEL - record of an Ellin Mcylrea, daughter of Ric Mcylrea (and possibly wife of Rich Cannell); later entry in COMPOSITION BOOK
  7. 1687 COMPOSITION BOOKS shows Rich Cannell & Thomas Gremsher as partners (see name of witness to Ellin's will)

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From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1725-1 E d CANNELL Gilbert d 19 Feb; ch Danl, John, Gilbert; next relns of fa side supv Nich Cannel, Margt + Cath cannel, Phinlo Craine h/o Bahe Cannell); wife alive

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