Will - 1762 (Braddan)

This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Ellinor Clague als McYlrea of the parish of KK Braddan who departed this life at or about the 7th of April 1762
First she committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial.

Item she bequeathed to her two daughters Jane and Margaret all her wearing apparel woolen and linen to be equally betwixt them.

Item she bequeathed to her daughter Margaret twenty shills and a new blanket or one of the small mares and if her executrix would not be pleased to give her the mare she was to have the blanket in lieu of the mare.

Item She left to Cath Clague a sheep.

Item She left to her husband the bed during his natural life.

Lastly she nominated and appointed her daughter Jane Clague whole and sole executrix of all the rest of her worldly goods moveable and immoveable of what kind or denomination soever

Witnesses William Killey, Robert Kewley ] jurati
At a Chapter Court holden by appointment at Knockdoo in the parish of KK Braddan June 4 1762 The executrix is sworn in Court in form of law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely William Killey and Robert Kewley the witnesses to the will. 
Probatum est
Robert Radcliffe, Matthew Curghey


  1. Ellinor (Nelly) married William Clague in Ballaugh 1717
  2. Best guess is that she was the daughter of Thomas Mylrea & Joney Craine, born 1689, Ballacooiley, referred to as Nelly in her father's 1711 will
  3. Her older ½ sister Margaret had also married a differeny William Clague in 1701 in Ballaugh. He had a farm Oolikan in Braddan
  4. Story: The Mylreas of Douglas & District 1600-1900

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