Will - 1839 (Lonan)


To the honourable H.B.Hartwell Vicar General etc

The humble petition of Margaret Mylroie


That James Mylroie your petitioner’s husband lately departed this life intestate

That your petitioner is desirous that administration should be granted to the estate of the said James Mylroie

Wherefore your petitioner prays a hearing of this petition and that your reverence may be pleased to appoint your petitioner administrix of the said James Mylroie’s estate and she will pray

Ordered that the petition do come on to be heard at a Court to be holden at Douglas on Monday the 25th inst at 1 o’clock in the afternoon whereof all proper parties are to have notice

Given this 15th March 1839. H.B.Hartwell

At a Court holden 25th day of March 1839 Margaret Mylroie is sworn well and truly to administer the estate and effects of James Mylroie deceased, to pay all his just debts and funeral expenses so far forth as the goods will extend and the law binds her and to return a true and perfect inventory of the decedant’s estate and effects to the Episcopal Registry of this diocese when thereto lawfully required and to these ends John Shimmin and Thomas Tear have become bound unto the Lord Bishop and his ………….. in the sum of thirty pounds British.

Decretum est



30th April F.B.Clucas claims British £10-0-0


5th March John Callister claims British £2-10-0


  1. ALL COLBY - Close Moar
  2. James married Margaret Teare in 1829 in Patrick, a week after his parents David Mylroie jnr & Catherine Quayle had settled the family estate on him
  3. Four months later his brother Daniel married Mary Ann Tear in Patrick. There is no evidence about whether the two women were sisters
  4. James & Margaret had four children: Thomas b1830, Margaret b1833, Eliza b1836, Joseph b1839
  5. James was buried 11th March, 1839, and his heir-at-law, Thomas, petitioned the Chancery Court for the appointment of guardians to enable him to manage Close Moar
  6. One year later, his widowed mother Margaret took the children and lived in Douglas, where she made her living as a huckster

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