Will - 1729 (Michael)

KK Michael 1729

The will of Jane Cannell als Mcylrea of Ballachruink in the parish above made and declared about the latter end of July 1724 being of perfect mind and memory at the making thereof.

In primis she committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial.

Item she left to her daughter Mary Cain all her shaped clothes linen and woollen and to the said Mary's daughter her riding hood.

Item she left to her daughter Cath Callister her share of the canvasses and of the clothes commonly used in the house.

Item she left to her grandchildren viz her son Jon's and daughter Mary's children a sheep each;

and lastly she nominated her said son Jon Cannell sole executor of all the rest of her worldly goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever.

Witnesses Jon Kelly his mark X, Chas Cannell his mark X

The executor sworn in Court and gave in the witnesses as pledges

Probatum est solvit 8d


  1. Dollough Mylrea family; married John Cannell, Ballacruink, Dromrewagh (Michael)
  2. Daughter of William Mcylrea & Ann Christian, baptised 16th June 1647
  3. Married Jon Cannell (no marriage records for Ballaugh in the 1660-1680 window but probably 1668/1672)
  4. She was buried 8th March, 1729 aged 82
  5. Husband Jon Cannell died 1723
  6. Children Jon (married Alice Kelly, Mary (married Cain), Cath (married Callister). Mary (Cain) died 1793 - seem unlikely - she would have been over 100 years old?

Associated Documents

From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1723-2 E w CANNELL John declared 21 aug 1723; Ballachruink; dau Cath (had m/c with John Calister); wife alive; unnamed gch; son John + dau Mary Cain als Cannell execs

1793 MARY CAIN dated 4 Aug 1790;husb John exor; son John(heir),Wm; dau Christian,Jane,Eleanor + Anne

From A Manx Notebook CD Marriage Contracts

dated 29 Jun 1714; Jon Cannel (Ballacrunk) + wife Jane als Mylrea obo son Wm; Wm Kelly + wife Ann als Corlett obo dau Alice(kk Michael);to marry before 1 aug; Cannells to give half estate + half fishing netts; Kellys to give £14; witt Wm Quayle, x, Wm Croughan x, Wm Corlett; Court. Oct 1714

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