JOHN Mc ILREA 1600 Will

John Mc ilrea died the 22nd day of July untested [= intestate] the church hath ordered his child administrator sup[ervisor] Donald Mc ilrea their uncle

probatm est et solvit

Invent ut supra before Candlemas next written the 23rd of October 1600

one ox, 1 horse, 1 bullock, 1 colt of a year old, 2 parts of a cow, 2 sheep, and 1 barrel


  1. Ballacooiley??
  2. Buried 22nd July
  3. Was this the husband of Alice Gawne?
  4. Was he the father of John, Ellyn & Margaret?
  5. Alice Gawne must have remarried after John's early death, an individual named Cowley and had more children
  6. His brother's name was Donald - potentially the individual who died 1631
  7. Was he the son of Ranold & Ellin (Gawne)? both of whom died in November 1600?
  8. Was he the uncle of Christian who was buried in April 1600?

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