Will - (1731) Braddan

Braddan 1731

The last will and testament of John Molerey of the parish of KK Braddan within the Isle of Man is as follows:

Being in perfect mind and memory he committed his soul to God and his body to the earth and to be buried after a ............. Christian manner and as for such worldly goods as it pleased God to bless him with, he bequeathed after the manner following:

Iprimus he left and bequeathed the Contract Bargain that he gave unto Robert Killey and Isable wife to said Killey his daughter to stand firm as specified in the same articles.

Item he bequeathed to his beloved wife Margaret the contract and full benefit thereof as specified in the Articles of Marriage made betwixt them.

Item he bequeathed unto his said wife Margaret all his right, interest and title that he had then or may have hereafter in and unto all the lime wherein he was concerned, burned and unburned.

Item he bequeathed unto every relation that should pretend any claim or interest to any of his effects six pence apiece legacy in order to cut them off from any further right to his said effects.

Item he ordained, constituted and appointed his said beloved wife Margaret and his said daughter Isable wife to Robert Killey aforesaid sole and whole executors of all his effects as in the Bargains before mentioned.

The testator departed this life on the 8th of September preceding this date.

This we affirm to be his last will and testament. Witness our hands this 26th of October 1731 Robert Cowell?, Philip Killag my mark X ] jurati


  1. Buried Braddan 19th September (JO McYLROY)
  2. The family was not listed in the survey of Douglas householders in 1730 so they were rural dwellers
  3. Wife = Margaret; daughter = Isable, married to Robert Killey
  4. Maybe wife Margaret died 1735 (MARGARET McYLROY) and she left her goods to children from a previous marriage (to KEWLEY). Perhaps second marriage for both adults and they left their assets to their natural children?
  5. No surviving parish records for marriage for Isable, nor the Contract Bargain mentioned in this will but she might have been the daughter of a Jo baptised in 1693
  6. Robert & Isable Killey (als McYLROIY) had children: John 1723, Isabel 1724, Robert 1727, Ellinor 1733, Jane 1735
  7. Isabel died 9th May 1764 and was buried in Braddan
  8. John's occupation was apparently as a lime burner, lime being a form of fertilizer on the island and presumably also used as a building material
  9. Hugh McYlrea & Philip McYlrea were in the stone carting business in the 1760s in Braddan. Any connection?

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