Will - 1741 (Douglas)

The following was attached to the 1741 Marriage Contract between Margaret Mc Ylrath & Mr Charles Wattleworth

At a Court of Correct holden the 9th February 1741/2

The within Articles of Contract having been confirmed by the Temporal Court the same are accepted for the last will of Mr John Mcylrath and accordingly Mr Charles Wattleworth is sworn executor in form of lawand has given pledges for the payment of debts and for security of the Court viz Mr Thomas Christian Ballahutchin and Mr WIlliam Curghy of Castletown

Acceptum est solvit 12d

John Cosnahan, Edward Moore

March 18 1741/2 Capt William Cubbon enters a claim against the estate of Mr John Mcylrath for £21/-/-

eod die Capt Paul Bridson enters a claim.................. £31/-/- British

April 2 1742 Mr John .... enters a claim....................£3/-/-

April 8 1742 Mr Thomas Joyner enters a claim for ........£1/17/6

May 11 1742 Mr James Reed enters a claim for ..........£6/-/- British

May 17 1742 John Kelly enters a claim for ...................7/-

Eod die Thomas Clague enters a claim for ...................9/-

Eod die Hugh Cannell enters a claim for .....................7/-

July 8 1742 Mr Philip Moore jnr enters a claim for .....£36/5/- British

Oct 30 1742 Capt John Oates enters a claim for ...........12/-

I have ... the Episcopal Registry and certify that there is no inventory of the effects of John Mc ylrath late of Douglas. There is a Marriage Contract accepted as the last will of said deceased and registered in Lib 3 1741. Oct 30 1747


  1. John McYlwrath was a cooper with no detectable past. He was described as a merchant in his daughter's Marriage Contract
  2. He committed suicide about 6 weeks after this Marriage Contract was made
  3. His debts seemed to amount to about £75
  4. The cottage allotment he occupied was numbered 46, with an 11½ d rent. His children were baptised in Douglas in the 1720, but it was not until the 1740 LA that he appeared as a tenant (although the 1730 LA is missing). He also defended himself against a presentment in 1735 in Douglas
  5. The Marriage Contract was between Margaret, his older daughter, and Mr Charles Wattleworth of Patrick. Charles possessed an estate named Knockaloe which (for some reason) John McYlwrath obliged Charles not to sell, at the same time commanding him to live in Douglas and be his accountant
  6. To impose a penalty of £1,000 on a party to the Marriage Contract who defaulted signified that what was entailed was of very significant value
  7. Four children were recorded from the marriage between Margaret and Charles Wattleworth: Margaret (1741-1756), Charles (1746-1764), John (1747-1764), Richard (1749)
  8. Margaret died 1753 in Patrick, and daughter Margaret a few years after that
  9. Charles snr died 1758 in Malew. When Charles snr died, his oldest son Charles jnr accused the executors of his father's will of being dishonest. Charles jnr ran away to sea and died in the West Indies. His younger brother John died later the same year (1764)
  10. In 1746, Henry Woods died, declaring that Rebecca Mucklewrath (sic) had had an illegitimate child with him. Rebecca ultimately married Robert Cobham in 1754

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