KK Lonan holden in Douglas 10th June 1817

John Mylroie having departed this life on or about the 5th April night? intestate and this Court having received intelligence thereof hath decreed his father James Mylroie to be administrators of all and singular his effects and he is therefore sworn ................. to exhibit inventory if required and to pay debts and to these ends he hath given pledges in form of law namely John Cain and William Cannell both of Douglas.

Decretum est



  1. COLBY - Ballacosney
  2. Second son of James Mylroie & Ellinor Skillicorn; b1793 so about 24 years old when he died
  3. James snr b1764 was the son of David Mylroie snr & Margaret Kermott als Killey
  4. John's parents had 7 children with some kind of record: BAPTISM - James jnr (1788), Margaret (1791), John (1793), William (1796), Elinor (1801), Joseph (1805). PROBATE - a Thomas, with no baptismal record perhaps born about 1800, was mentioned in a Settlement document in 1839, and died in 1840 with his parents James & Elinor administering his estate

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