JUDY MYLREA 1816 Ramsey

This is the last will and testament of Judy Mylrea (spinster) of the town of Ramsey being of sound disposing mind memory and understanding at the making thereof. She commended her soul to God and her body to Christian burial. She left and bequeathed unto her sister Margaret Radcliff als Mylrea all her clothes of every description and a bedstead, ticking, bolster, a sheet and a quilt. She left and bequeathed to her niece Ann Radcliff the eldest daughter of her sister Margaret Radcliff a spinning wheel and a chest. She left a legacy of two shillings and sixpence to all cravers. She nominated and appointed Thomas Cain of Ramsey brewer sole lawful executor of all the rest of her worldly property good chattels monies notes and effects of whatever nature or denomination this 8 day of June 1816.

Witnesses Robert Kewish John Kelly ] jurati

At a Chapter Court …. (no more)


  1. Sister Margaret married Henry Radcliff in Patrick 1790; their daughter Ann born Patrick 1808
  2. Are they the children of John Mylrea & Ann Howland, who married in Ramsey in 1749? Probably not since Margaret & John are more likely to have been born in the 1760s-1780s, whereas the children of John Mylrea and Ann als Howland were born in the 1750s

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