1724 - Will (Braddan)

Braddan 1724
Margt Clague als McYlrea departed this life the 31st day of January last intestate whereupon her six children viz William, Jane, Thomas, John, Robert and Paul Clague are decreed sole and joint administrators of all her goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever and a legacy to the husband upon sight of the inventory.

Decretum et solvit 3s

William and Jane are with the husband

William Clague sworn in form of law

The inventory clear and debtless amounts to the sum of £7/0/0

The whole goods yet in the hands of the father and the younger children viz Robert and Paul in his tuition who hath given pledges to pay each child’s proportion of the above inventory as they shall call for it. Thomas Mylrea and William Clague


  1. Second daughter of Thomas McYlrea and Margaret Craine (Ballacooiley). Born 1684 so 40 when she died. Mother died 1684 soon after Margaret's birth; father died 1711
  2. Married William Clague in Ballaugh 1701 when she was about 17 years of age. William Clague had a farm Ulikan in Braddan
  3. She might have had more than six children but if some died, they had the same names as the living but different birth years (LDS); William (1703), Jane (1706), Thomas (1708), John (1711), Robert (1712) and Paul Clague (1716)
  4. The signatory to her Court probate papers, Thomas Mylrea, might not necessarily have been an immediate relative since her father Thomas Mylrea died in 1711 and her nephew Thomas Mylrea would have been 14 years of age and living in Ballaugh. However, her ½ brother Thomas was known to still be alive and thus the most likely candidate to be the signatory on the document

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