Copied from Archdeacon Wills 1645-1654 because it was embedded on p113 of a 560 page .pdf document

Margt: Calistr depted ys life ye 14th of May who bequeathed her Soule to God &c;

Itm shee lefte to Wm Steane [?] children 1 yearlinge,

Itm: to her son William McYlreah children 1 sheepe,

Itm to William McYlreah her pte of ye corne sowne,

Itm: to her daughter Ales all her apparel woollen & linnen;

Itm: shee constituted & ordained her son & daughter jioynt execrs:

Testes Henry Woods

This will is proved wth consent of the execrs:

pbat et solvig

Invent ye cowes

pledges Dollin Corlett Jo: Cannon Curia habita in eccla Le are 8th 1649 Dom: Edw: Crow vicr: Ffinlo Kinish Chaptr quest Wm: Kneale Apparitor Phillip Corlett Ewan Corlett iurati Ffinloe Carrett -----chute[in fold] Do: Robts Allen vicr Robt Faile Chaptr quest Jo: Knaiele Apparitor Jo: Christin Wm: Calow iurati Jo: Cottiman ----[in fold] Do: Joh: Hudleston curat Tjo: Crenilt Chaptr quest Do: Christin iurati Apparitor Calue[?] Ratcliff Patr: Cowle Phillip Knieal ---de[in fold] } Patr: Martin ---ext [fold] } Mich: Cowle Do: Corkish iurati Steene Kneale Do: Xtin laymes of ye execr: of Phillip Quirke for a plow beame, the price ij (2d)

date: 13t 9ber 1649


  1. No marriage record found, nor baptisms of children but they seem to be Mabel (married William Stephan), Alice & William
  2. In 1650, son William's name was entered into Liber Vatarum against his mother's lands: Entered beinge right heyre to the said Margarett deceased his mother
  3. Will of William Mylrea d1654 mentions son in law William Steane so could William Mylrea, widower of Margaret Callister, also have been the widower of Ann Woods? What works against that idea is that William Mylrea & Ann Woods had a son in 1645 while Margaret Callister was still aive
  4. William's daughter Mabel (b1616) married William Stephan and land records for Michael shows lands were often jointly held between the two Williams - McYlrea/Stephan
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