Margt. Mcylrea als Craine departed this life on the 24th(?) of October last intestate, whereof the Church having intelligence hath decreed that Margt, Kathrin, Thos. & Wm. Mcylrea her children sole and joint administrators of all her goods moveable & immoveable whatsoever; the next of kindred supervisors and a legacy to the husband upon sight of the inventory. Wm. Craine and Robt Curlet (in behalf of his wife) are sworn supervisors according to law. Jon Craine and Ann Craine are to be forthwith sworn which is accordingly done.

Salvo tamen missings suo jure

Decretum est & solvit ij (2s) vj (5p)

October 17th 1685 William Mcylrea and Jon Mcylrea do enter their claims against the administrators of Margt. Mcylrea als Craine, for the sum of forty-five shills sterling due unto them by the contraction of the said Margt as will be made to appear and crave ......


  1. First wife of Thomas McYlrea (Ballacooiley), married 1671-1672?
  2. Five children: Ann (1673-1673), Catherine (b1678), Thomas (b1680), William (b1682), Margaret (b1684)
  3. Son Thomas could not have survived or he would have automatically inherited Ballacooiley estate. Instead William b1682 became the steward of Ballacooiley (although in 1705, Thomas snr seemed to pass on the estate to his oldest son John who must have been from Thomas's second marriage, to Jony Craine whom he married about 1685)
  4. Claimants William & Jon McYlrea might be her brothers-in-law (ieThomas's brothers) for her sons were too young to be claiming against their mother's will

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