1878 - Will (Lonan)



In the name of God amen, I Joseph Mylroie of the Quarterland of Ballacosney in the parish of Lonan and Margaret Mylroie my wife being in … years but being of sound disposing minds and memories do hereby make and ordain this to be our joint will and testament. First we commit our souls into the hands of Almighty God who gave them and our bodies we recommend to the earth by a decent Christian burial according to the discretion of our executor. And as to our worldly goods and effects, we dispose of in the manner following:

We leave one shilling to our daughter Margaret, wife of Daniel Mylechraine of the parish of Lonan.

We leave one shilling to our daughter Ellen, wife of Henry Kinrade of the parish of Andreas.

We leave one shilling to our daughter Isabella, wife of John Quayle of the parish of Lonan.

We leave one shilling to our daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Radcliffe of the parish of Lonan.

We leave two shillings and sixpence to our daughter Hannah unmarried of the parish of Lonan and a ticking and bolster and blanket, six pounds weight of wool and two sheep.

We leave the sum of sixpence to any person or persons who may lawfully have a claim in this our last will and testament. We appoint and ordain our son Thomas Joseph Mylroie to be whole and sole executor of this our joint will. Lastly we revoking and disannulling all wills and testaments by us made, all words and intentions by us uttered and made, declaring this and no other to be our last will and testament. In witness whereof we hereunto set our marks this the twelfth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and sixty-nine. Joseph Mylroie his X, Margaret Mylroie her X

Witnessed by John Skillicorn, John James Mylroie

At a Chapter Court held at Douglas on the 30 day of May 1878 Diocese of Sodor and Man} John Skillicorn and John James Mylroie the subscribing witnesses to the execution of the paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Margaret Mylroie the late wife of Joseph Mylroie of the parish of Lonan who died on the 3rd day of May 1876 having made oath on the Holy Evangelist that the testatrix when of sound mind, memory and understanding and after the same had been read over to her duly acknowledged the same as and for her last will and testament in their presence and that they at the same time in the presence and the testatrix and at her request and ………….. presence of each of them and ... subscribed their names as attesting witnesses thereto Thomas Joseph Mylroie son of the testatrix and executor of the said will named therein sworn well and truly to fulfill and execute the said will and to administer all and singular the personal estate and effects of the testatrix according to lay by paying the just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses of the deceased and the legacies contained in her said will so far forth as estated and effect will thereunto extend and the law bind him and to return to the Episcopal Registry of the Isle and diocese of Sodor and Man a full, true and perfect inventory of said effects with an accurate account of his acts and proceedings in the premises when thereunto lawfully required and to these ends he hath given pledges namely John Mylroie of Ballacosney in the parish of Lonan and John Corin of Ballaragh in the said parish who have entered into and executed the usual Bond in the presence of the Court.

Probatum est



  1. COLBY - Ballacosney (2)
  2. Joseph Mylroie was the son of James Mylroie snr & Elinor Skillicorn, and baptised in Lonan in 1805
  3. Both he and his older brother James jnr received Settlements from their parents, James in 1828 (at the age of 40) and Joseph in 1841, a year before their father died
  4. Joseph married Margaret Kinread in 1832 in Lonan and they had 8 children of whom 7 survived to adulthood, 6 daughters and 1 son:
    • Margaret b1832 married Daniel Mylrchraine, a miner
    • Elinor Jane b1834 married Henry Kinrade, a mariner
    • Isabella b1837 married John Quayle
    • Thomas Joseph b1840 married Elizabeth Kneale
    • Daughter Mary Ann b1843, not mentioned in her mother's will but was included in her father's 1880 will, married to Henry Kelly and living in Foxdale
    • Elizabeth b1846 married John Radcliffe, a miner
    • Hannah b1852 married James Killey
  5. Another daughter named Hannah b1849 died when she was about 1 year old
  6. Margaret, their oldest daughter, migrated to the USA in 1873 with her husband Daniel Mylechraine and their children: Margaret Ann (1852), Isabella (1854), Esther Jane (1856), Daniel Joseph (1858), Sophia (1861), Philip Edward (1863), Eleanor (1867), James Henry (1872), and Louisa (1874). They lived in Illinois
  7. By the time he died, Joseph had issued his own will which remained much the same as his joint will with Margaret, but he increased the legacies somewhat
  8. After the death of his only son, Thomas Joseph in 1906, the family of Thomas Joseph separated and went into service, suggesting that Ballacosney Farm was gone from this Mylroie line
  9. John James Mylroie, one of the witness to this joint will, was Joseph's great nephew, the grand son of Joseph's older brother, James jnr

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