Will - 1792 (German)

The last will and testament of Mary Kaighin of Peeltown who died some time in August last made this her last will and testament in manner and form following:

First She committed her soul to God and her body to Christian burial

First She left to her daughter Ann Kaighin ten yards in the front eastward from the gable of her house and eight yards into the field

Item She left to her loving husband William Kaighin all the rest of my houses and lands whatsoever

Item She left to her five children twenty shillings each excluding Ann from any part thereof

Item She left to her daughter Ellinor the little spinning wheel

Item She left to her other daughter Elizabeth the other little spinning wheel and her best gown

Item She nominated and appointed her loving husband William Kaighin whole executor of all the rest of her goods moveable and immoveable of what nature soever, excluding any person or persons claim any further right into this will with six pence legacy

Witnesses present - Thomas Kaighin, Daniel Cowin his X

At a Chapter Court holden at the Courthouse in KK Patrick on the 13th June 1793

The executor is sworn in Court in form of law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely the witnesses of this will

Probatum est

Ewan Christian, William Clucas


  1. Mary married William Kaighin 24th May 1764 in Patrick, and lived in Peel. She was buried 30th August 1792 at the age of 51
  2. Mary's children:
    • Isabel (21/4/1765 - d1782?)
    • Ann (31/5/1767 - m Taylor? d1841?)
    • William (21/9/1769 - m Isabel Garrett?)
    • James (20/10/1771 - 1799?)
    • Ellinor (1/5/1774 - m Halsal? d1843?)
    • Philip (4/8/1776 - m Cowley?)
    • John (22/11/1778 - d1780?)
    • Elizabeth (31/10/1781 - m Quilliam?)
    • Margaret (19/1/1783/4)
  3. Best guess is that she was the daughter of John Mylrea, Sumner of Ballaugh, and Joney Kinread, and born in 1741. According to Parr's abstract of laws (c1690), sumners had a range of duties including collecting tithes, bringing offenders to prison and standing at the door during a Church service to "whip and beat out the dogs".
  4. Curiously, when she married, Mary was recorded as being from Patrick. A Daniel Mylrea lived in nearby Rushen and he might have been her brother, so perhaps that is the explanation for her being away from Ballaugh
  5. Her father remarried in 1765 soon after the death of her mother in 1764 and her siblings were: Jane 1734, Daniel 1738, Ellinor 1744, Elizabeth 1747, William 1752-1765, John (no LDS record but of legal agen when their moother died in 1764)
  6. Elinor married Thomas Gawn 1765, identified in their father's will; Jane might have married Philip Radcliffe 1766, and Daniel married Ann Keiggen 1767. Of the fate of Elizabeth & John there is no information
  7. Elinor died 1713, Daniel in Peel in 1815
  8. If the above list of children is correct, then only 5 survived - Ann, Elizabeth, Eliinor, Philip & William - by the time their father died in 1801, and perhaps James was alive when his mother died, but passed away in 1799

Associated Documents

From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1801 A 36 KAIGHIN William Peel; dau Ann (eldest - house I live in + ground left to her by mother), Eliz (land for a house adj bro Wm Kaighin's garden), Elinor (land for house adj to her sister Elizth); son Philip exec, Wm (if he return); wife dead; gson Wm Kaighin, Philip Kaighen; Permission for ladder room for Methodist preaching house [?shore rd]

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