NOTES: MARY MYLREA Will 1799 Bride

  1. Daughter of William Mylrea & Jane Tear who married 6th July 1727 Ballaugh, Isle of Man
  2. No specific information about William's parents. One candidate is William, son of William Mylrea & Margaret als Clark (Jurby), born 1702; another is son of Ellinor Mylrea als Quayle born early 1700s (probably Ballaugh). In the case of the latter candidate, there is the possibility that Ellinor Mylrea als Quayle had married William, son of William Mylrea & Ann Christian. A William (1701), a Margaret (1703), a John (1706) were recorded as born to a William Mylrea in Ballaugh
  3. William & Jane had daughters Jane (1729, Ballaugh), Margaret & Ellinor (1736, Ballaugh), Catherine (1739, Ballaugh). Mary was mentioned in both her parents' wills 1774 but has no baptismal record
  4. Both her parents, William & Jane, died in 1774
  5. Sisters Jane married Robert Caine (maybe in Douglas), Margaret married Charles Kewish (1766, Ballaugh), Nelly (Ellinor) married Daniel Tear (1768, Ballaugh). Mary & Catherine did not marry
  6. Jane & Robert Caine: children - Robert 1761-1763, Margaret 1764, John 1769, Daniel 1773
  7. Margaret & Charles Kewish: children - William (b1767 Ballaugh), Charles (b1769 Bride) m Jane McKnight, Leonora (b1771 Bride) m Thomas Sayle, Jane (b1774 Bride), Christian (b1777 Bride), John (b1779-1781 Bride), Ann (b1781 Bride)
  8. Nelly (Ellinor) & Daniel Tear: Daniel (b1768 Ballaugh), Jane (b1770 Ballaugh), James (b1772 Bride), Cath (b1777 Ballaugh), Margaret (b1781, Jurby)
  9. Mary and her mother both died in Jurby, perhaps living with Nelly and her husband Daniel Tear, although both were buried in Ballaugh, as William, Mary's father, was
  10. Catherine died in Douglas in 1789
  11. The two legatees, Catherine Quine als Tear and Jane Tear, might have been her nieces, daughters of sister Nelly

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From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1805 A 58 TEAR Elinor Mylrea dated 4 Jan 1805; son James; dau Jane, Cath, Margt; husb Daniel exor 1799 (she was buried march 31)

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