Will - 1763 (Lonan)

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COWIN, Mary 1763-3 Lon CLAGUE E w 0106386

Will of Mary Cowin alias Clague 1763-3 Lonan KK

Lonan ------------------

This is affirmed to be the Last will & Testament of Mary Cowen als Clague of the parish of KK Lonan who departed this life about the 17th of June 1763, “---“ being then sick & weak in body but of perfect mind and memory at the making thereof.

First committing her soul to God and body to Christian burial, and as to worldly effects she bequeathed them in manner following.

Itm She left and bequeathed unto her son Tho’s her right of the plow with the chains thereunto belonging and an English shilling Legacy.

Itm she left & bequeathed unto daughter Margarett her riding hood & her choice red peticoat.

Itm she left & bequeathed unto her daughter Mary her best black peticoat.

Itm she left & bequeathed unto her grand son Edward Mylrea a new blankett cover laid & a heiffer called the little heiffer.

Itm she left a piece of white cloth or pladding unshaped to her daughter Cathrine.

Itm she left unto son Wm so much of brown cloth as would be sufficient for a pair of breeches.

Itm she left an English shilling a piece to the witnesses of this will, she further left six pence legacy apiece to any person or persons that would claim any right to her effects.

Lastly she revoking all other wills made words or Intentions uttered, Declared this to be her last Will & Testament & nominated & appointed therein her loving son Philip Cowen whole & sole exec’r of all the rest of her goods & chattles both moveable and immoveable of what kind or nature soever.

Witnesses hereof Tho’s Harrison his X , John Skillicorn } Jurati

At a Chapter Court holden in KK Marown Octo’r 25 1763 The Exec’r is sworn in Court in form of law, & has given pledges for payment of Debts & Legacies namely the witnesses of the will

Solv: 12

Probatum est

Ro: Radcliffe, Mathh’s Curghey

From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1757-3 E w COWIN Philip [bur Lon 17570909]d 8 Sep 1757; son Thos; wife Mary als Clague; son Philip; ch Wm, Mary,Cath + Philip; dau Margt; witt Mrgt Kewley als Waterson, Margt Kelley; inv