WIll - 1723 (Rushen)

Trinity Rushen August 21 1723
In the name of the Holy Trinity Amen I Thomas McYlrea being by the long continuance of an habitual distemper brought to a great bodily weakness but (by the great mercy of God) without any decay of understanding do make this my last will and testament as hereafter follows: First I commend my soul into the hands of almighty God as of a faithful creator which I humbly beseech him mercifully to accept and for the sake of his only beloved son, my most dear saviour Jesus Christ, to grant me pardon of my sins and the hopes of eternal life.

As for my corruptible body I bequeath it to the earth whence it was taken to be decently buried in the parish churchyard.

As for my worldly effects, I leave them as is hereafter [expressed?]

To my wife Margaret McYlrea ten shillings legacy

To John my sister Margaret’s son my great coat

To my sister Margaret Quay 1/2 firlot of oatmeal

To my sister Dorothy Mylrea as much cloth as will make her a waste coat

To Thomas Quay my sister’s son one of my vests

Lastly I nominate and appoint my two daughters Marjory and Jony McYlrea to be joint executors of my effects moveable and immoveable whatsoever with this proviso if it shall please God to call for my daughter Jony in the condition she's now in at the making of this my will or without a testament then and in that case it is my will that whatever is willed or bequeathed or may be due unto her my said daughter Jony in and by this my last testament shall belong unto my wife Margaret McYlrea anything heretofore willed mentioned or expressed in any former will or wills to the contrary notwithstanding.
Made and declared before us John Quayle, James Waterson ] Jony not being compass mentis the widoe and Marjery are sworn in Court in form of law
Probatum est & solvit 1d


  1. Thomas Mcylrea was buried 23rd August 1723 in Rushen
  2. Thomas McYlrea married to Margaret Waterson, Malew, 1702
  3. Daughters Marjery (17**), Jony (17**); Jony died in 1724
  4. Sisters Margaret (married Thomas Quay) Dorothy mentioned in will but no LDS record of Dorothy
  5. Inventory submitted with will shows goods to the value of £6/0/0
  6. Daughter Margery married William Gawn 1724 and died in 1728
  7. There is much about the Malew Mylreas of the 1600s and early 1700s that does not hang together so extreme caution must be exercised

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