Will - 1840 (Lonan)

Whereas that Thomas Mylroie of the parish of KK Lonan departed this life and was buried at the said parish church on the fourth of June one thousand eight hundred and forty having died intestate, I James Mylroie, father of the late deceased with my wife Elinor, having taken a correct inventory of the goods and chattels of the said late deceased Thomas Mylroie in manner following: By thirty-two pounds British in the hands of James Hutchins of said parish being on Bond & Security together with interest having left no debts unpaid. Likewise to remove all suspicion of any will, legacy or deed untreated by the said Thomas Mylroie late deceased we the undersigned being the brothers and sisters of the deceased do resign all right and title we have or may have to to the state of our brother Thomas Mylroie late deceased we say to our parents James and Elinor Mylroie. As witness our names hereunto subscribed this the 27th day of May 1841. James Mylroie snr X, James Mylroie jnr his X, Joseph Mylroie his X, Margaret Kewley her X, Elinor Cowley her X Witnesses present James Skillicorn, James Cowin

Ramsey 31st May 1841 I James Skillicorn one of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing paper writing made oath on the Holy Evangelist that that James Mylroie jnr, Joseph Mylroie, Margaret Kewley and Elinor Cowley ………….. the executing parties thereto duly signed and executed the same in his presence and also in presence of James Cowin the other witness and also James Mylroie one of the other parties acknowledged the same to be his proper act and deed. Before me T.A.Corlett Lonan

At Ramsey 31st May 1841 Thomas Mylroie of the parish of KK Lonan bachelor having departed this life intestate, this Court on application of his father James Mylroie with the consent of his brothers and sisters has ordered the said James Mylroie sole administrator in trust of all and singular the goods, rights, credits, chattels, and effects of the said deceased and he the said James Mylroie is therefore is sworn well and truly to administer the said goods to pay all just debts and funeral expenses of the deceased so far forth as the goods will extend and the law bind him to return to the Episcopal Registry a full, true and perfect inventory of the said goods with an accurate account of his dealings and transactions in the premises when thereunto lawfully required and to these ends he has given pledges namely William Callow of Ramsey, mason, of Ramsey and James Skillicorn of Ballagan in KK Lonan who have executed a Bond to that effect in the presence of the Court. Decretum est. T.A.Corlett


  1. COLBY - Ballacosney
  2. Thomas Mylroie was a younger son of James Mylroie snr & Elinor Skillicorn who married in about 1885
  3. Thomas's parents had 7 children with some kind of record: BAPTISM - James jnr (1788), Margaret (1791), John (1793), William (1796), Elinor (1801), Joseph (1805). PROBATE - Thomas, with no baptismal record but perhaps born about 1800, and died in 1840 with his parents James & Elinor administering his estate
  4. A Settlement made in 1839 from James snr to James jnr also mentioned Thomas, which could suggest that Thomas was the second son, and thus older than Joseph baptised 1805
  5. Thomas's brother John died in 1817, leaving brother James jnr & Joseph to carry on the family name

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