THOMAS MYLREA 1893 Will Lonan

I Thomas Mylrea of Mylrea’s Terrace, Laxey Glen in the parish of Lonan being of sound mind, memory and understanding do make this my last will and testament in manner following, hereby revoking and cancelling all wills heretofore made by me

First I leave, devise and bequeath to my brother-in-law James Crowe the stable with the coach house as now used by me (the former adjoins the dwelling house in which I reside and the latter is situate at the end of the terrace known as Mylrea’s Terrace) together with the dwelling house occupied by William Quiggan as his own absolutely. I also leave, devise and bequeath to the said James Crowe the sum of two hundred pounds sterling.

Next I leave, devise and bequeath to my nephew William Taylor the fields situate on Baljean together with the two houses thereon occupied by James Skillicorn and Dan Collister as his own absolutely.

Next I leave, devise and bequeath to my housekeeper Margaret Clague the dwelling house in which I reside with all easements and privileges belonging thereto together with the whole of the furniture and everything it contains and also the sum of ten pounds sterling.

Next I leave, devise and bequeath the whole of the remained of my real and personal estate to my brother-in-law John James Taylor as his own absolutely after the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses.

Lastly I nominate, constitute and appoint my brother-in-law John James Taylor sole executor of this my last will and testament and have hereunto subscribed my name this the eighth day of December in the year one thousand, eight hundred and ninety-three (1893). Thomas his mark X Mylrea

Witnessed by John Fargher, John Thomas Cowin, Laxey

In Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice of the Isle of Man

Common Law division, Testamentary jurisdiction

At a Court holden at Douglas on the 12th day of February 1894 the annexed paper writing dated the 8th day of December 1893 having been proved to be the last will and testament of Thomas Mylrea late of Laxey Glen in the parish of Lonan, car proprietor, deceased who died on the 13th day of December 1893 John James Taylor of Laxey Glen aforesaid, miner, a brother-in-law of the testator, the executor therein named is sworn well and truly to fulfill and execute the same and to administer the personal estate of the said deceased according to law. W.L.Drinkwater, a judge of the said Court


  1. Mylrea's Terrace, Laxey
  2. Thomas was the oldest (and only surviving) son of William Mylrea jnr & Jane Killip. He was born in 1841 in Lonan
  3. He did not marry, but lived with his parents until their deaths in 1883 & 1879 respectively
  4. He was listed variously as a carter and car proprietor, and was a lead miner in his early years
  5. The main beneficiaries of Thomas's will were the families of his two sisters, Jane & Margaret, the last of the 9 children born to William Mylrea jnr & Jane Killip
  6. The Baljean lands left to his nephew, William Taylor, came into the Mylrea family in Jane Killip's 1838 Marriage Contract
  7. The housekeeper Margaret Clague was also his cousin, the daughter of one of Jane Killip's sisters, two of whom marriaged a Clague
  8. It seems from this document, and two earlier ones (1889, 1890), that Thomas could not read or write, surprising since his father was literate
  9. The Mylrea family has several headstones in the Lonan Cemetery
  10. The deaths of the adult sons of William jnr & Jane (ie. William & Thomas) without issue spelled the end of this line of Mylreas that reached back to Braddan of the early 1700s

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