Will - 1773 (Douglas)

In the name of God Amen

We Thomas Mylrea and Jane Mylrea als Karran do unanimously join in making this our last will and testament, being in perfect mind and memory at the making hereof:

First we commit our souls to God and our bodies to Christian burial if it pleaseth God to call for us

Second we leave to our son-in-law William Cain and his wife the cash or price they were obliged to pay us for the half of the land purchased from us

We do agree to and nominate the survivor of us the said Thomas Mylrea and Jane Mylrea als Karran my wife to be whole executor or executrix of our houses and lands, cash, goods and effects, moveable and immoveable of what nature or denomination soever. We only reserve to our disposal to give our shaped apparel to whom we please at our latter day

And this to stand for our last will and testament, irrevocable and to all intents and purposes debarring any person that claims any right to our goods and effects with sixpence legacy. For witness whereof we have fixed our marks to our names this 29th March 1773. Thomas Mylrea my mark X, Jane Mylrea als Karran her X mark

Signed and delivered in presence of Hugh Shimmin, James Conwell ] jurati

At a Chapter Court holden at Peeltown 11th November 1774 Thomas Mylrea one of the testators having departed this life Jane Mylrea the survivor is sworn executrix in Court in form of law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies viz Hugh Shimmin and William Cain both of KK German.

Probatum est

James Wilks, John Moore


  1. Thomas was probably son of William (who was the son of William Mylrea & Ann Christian and baptised 1667, Ballaugh) and baptised 1708 Ballaugh. William Mylrea's 1692 will noted : to his son Will as much cloth as will be a (suit?) if he comes for it - perhaps indicating that son William had left the family in some form
  2. Best guess – siblings = William (1701), Margaret (1703), John (1706), Thomas (1708), Edward (1711) + Mary (?) born to a William Mylrea/McYlrea in Ballaugh, with a mother Ellinor Quayle
  3. No record of marriage has survived for Thomas Mylrea & Jane Karran but likely to be early 1730s
  4. Two children Isabel (1734) & Edward (1738). Son Edward died 1741 and daughter Isabel married William Cain 1753 in Braddan
  5. In 1742, Thomas loaned money to Thomas Mylrea (Ballacooiley) then assigned the mortgage to Thomas Corlett in 1746. No definitive connection between the two Thomas Mylreas (if any), but similar in age and best guess is that Ballacooiley Thomas was the second cousin of Thomas Mylrea, the lender, their common great grand father being John de Dollough, Ballaugh
  6. Thomas might have been wealthy. He paid off the mortgage over the estate occupied by his son in law's family, at the same time as he contributed his Braddan lands to his daughter's Marriage Contract in 1753
  7. Thomas & Jane went to live in German soon after their daughter's marriage, where Thomas died at about 66 years of age, buried 22 June 1774
  8. His properties were transferred to Isabell in LV 1788 which noted, as well as the Scarsdale quarterland estate of Moaney Moar, and an intack, that there was additional lands in the adjacent treen of Sandal "the quest avouch that the name Wm Mylrea should have been Thomas Mylrea and he being now dead his said daughter with Wm Cain her husband is entered for the premes"
  9. Wife Jane died 1785, also in German
  10. Isabel Cain als Mylrea had four surviving sons, of whom the third named Thomas seemed to be the main beneficiary of the family's wealth
  11. A century later, there were still Cains farming on Moaney Moar quarterland, perhaps descendants of Thomas Mylrea

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