Will - 1844 (Ramsey)

To the worshipful Thomas Arthur Corlett Vicar General etc

The humble petition of Patrick Howland of the parish of Bride

Showeth that William Mylrea of the town of Ramsey some time ago departed this life intestate and endebted unto your petitioner, and it is necessary that some person be appointed to administer the estate of the said William Mylrea

Wherefore your petitioner prays a hearing of this petition and that your worship may be pleased to grant administration of the estate of the said William Mylrea to the Sumner General or some other proper person and your petitioner will pray etc etc

Ordered that this petition do come on to be heard at a Court to be holden at Ramsey on Friday next whereof all proper parties to have due notice. Given this 28th May 1844 T.A.Corlett

At an Ecclesiastical Court held at Ramsey the 31st May 1844

Upon hearing this petition in presence of the petitioner, William Mylrea the only son and next of kin of the decedent being off this Island, and upon consideration had thereof, it appears necessary that administration of the personal estate and effects of the said decedent William Mylrea should be granted to some proper person and Daniel Christian, Sumner General, having been recommended to this Court for that purpose the said Daniel Christian is therefore sworn well and truly to administer the personal estate and effects of the said William Mylrea, deceased, in trust for the said William Mylrea the son and only next of kin to pay all just debts and funeral expenses so far forth as the goods will extend and the law bind him and to return to the Episcopal Registry a full true and perfect inventory of the said goods and effects with an accurate account of his acts and proceedings in the premises when thereunto lawfully required

Decretum est


We whose names ensue being a jury of four men summoned and sworn by William Christian, Sumner of Maughold, at the instance of Daniel Christian, Sumner General, administrator of the estate of William Mylrea of the town of Ramsey, deceased, to discover and appraise all the goods, chattels and effects which belonged to the said deceased and having appeared at the premises occupied by the said decedent and examined upon oath several of the neighbours, we find that the said William Mylrea at the time of his death was not possessed of any goods or chattels or effects whatsoever, and this we return as our verdict in the premises.

As witness our subscription or names this 17th April 1846. Robert Martin, John Corlett, Hugh Corlett, William Moore

The said jurors delivered this to me. William Christian, Sumner of Maughold

See Number 18, Book of Causes AD1846


  1. This 1846 court hearing was for probate on the goods of a William Mylrea who died "some time ago". There is a burial record for a William Mylrea died 1836 aged 81, giving him a birth year of 1855/56
  2. Best guess is that this William Mylrea was the son of John Mylrea & Ann Howland, an individual baptised in 1756. While far from definite, this William might have been a mariner, in charge of / owning a small craft the Flying Fish out of Ramsey
  3. John Mylrea had been a cooper in Ramsey, and he in turn was most likely to be the youngest son of William Mylrea & Katherine Cowle, and baptised in 1725 at Ballaugh
  4. From this probate hearing, it is clear that William Mylrea died in inpercunious circumstances
  5. The identity of his son and only next of kin named William identified in the will is unknown. One candidate might be William Mylrea who married Isabella Cowley (als Corkill) in Douglas in 1819. This man was a cooper

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