1924 - Will (Lonan)

This is the last will and testament of Mr William Mylrea of Sunhill Cottage, Croit e Quill in the parish of Lonan, engine fitter.

I revoke all former wills, codicils, and testamentary dispositions by me at any time heretofore made or executed and I declare this only to be my will.

I leave, devise and bequeath to my nephew Thomas William Kermode of Minorca Vale, Laxey the whole of my lands known as part of the estate of Ballakilley in the parish of Lonan but subject to and charged with the payment to James Craine of number 2 Kensington Road, Douglas (whose receipt alone will be a sufficient discharge therefore) of the sum of three hundred pounds sterling which sum shall not be payable until after the expiration of nine calendar months from the date of my decease and I direct James Craine aforesaid out of the said sum of three hundred pounds sterling to pay to the Trustees of the Baldrine Primitive Methodist chapel the sum of twenty pounds sterling to be used by them at their discretion for any chapel purpose and to pay the sum of fifty pounds sterling to Annie Mary Turner of No. 3 Queens Terrace, Ballacannell in the parish of Lonan, spinster, as her own absolutely and to pay over the balance of two hundred and thirty pounds sterling thereof remaining in equal shares amongst such of the following persons as shall be living at the time of my decease namely my nephews John Kermode, Edward Kermode, Thomas Lace, Edward Corkill and my nieces Elizabeth Cowill, Christiana Quayle, Emily Corkill, Frances Allwood (being children of my sisters Elizabeth, Eleanor and Jane) and the two children of my niece Annie Haffie deceased, and my niece Adelaide Corlett, daughter of James Corlett and my nephew James Lewin now residing in Liverpool

And I declare that James Craine aforesaid may deduct from the said legacies the legal costs and fees in connection with the obtaining and filing of such receipts as he may require.

I direct that my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses be paid out of the remainder of my estate.

I also leave, devise and bequeath to my hereinafter mentioned executor the sum of twenty pounds sterling. I leave, devise and bequeath to Ellenor Jane Kinrade now residing with me my three houses, gardens and premises situate in Croit e Quill together with the whole of my household furniture as her own absolutely.

And as to the rest, residue and remainder of my estate real and personal of what kind and description soever and wherever situate over which I may at the time of my decease have any power of disposition I leave, devise and bequeath the same unto the aforesaid Ellenor Jane Kinrade now residing with me and I declare that all benefits hereby conferred on any female shall be for her sole and separate use free from the debts, liabilities and control of any husband.

I also hereby nominate, constitute and appoint James Craine of Number 2 Kensington Road, Douglas aforesaid sole executor of this my last will and testament and have hereunto subscribed my name this 25th day of January in the year one thousand, nine hundred and twenty-three. William Mylrea

Signed, published and declared by the testator as and for his last will and testament in our presence who in his presence and in the presence of eachother have subscribed our names as witnesses. William Edward Kelly, Marine …… Lonan; Ernest Cowley, ……. Lonan

Whereas William Mylrea of Sunhill Cottage, Croit e Quill in the parish of Lonan who died on the 9th day of July 1924 probate of whose will dated the 25th day of January 1923 was granted to James Craine of Ellen Vale, Laxey (the executor named in the said will) at a District Probate session held at Douglas on the 17th day of November 1924 ………………

And whereas the said James Craine has realized the whole of the personal estate of the said William Mylrea and has rendered to me all accounts of such realizations and the various payments made by the said James Craine

Now know all men by these presents I do hereby acknowledge that I have audited the said account (such account being now produced and signed by me) and that I find the said account correct and also that I have received from the said James Craine the sum of eighty-three pounds, thirteen shillings and three pence being the residue of the personal estate of the said William Mylrea deceased and in consideration thereof I do hereby release and discharge the said James Craine as such executor as aforesaid for all actions, proceedings, accounts, claims and demands whatsoever, for or on account or in respect of the personal estate of William Mylrea or the realization or administration thereof or anything done or omitted to be done by the said James Craine in connection with such realization or administration or any other matter relating to the premises.

Witness my name hereunto subscribed this 9th day of May one thousand, nine hundred and twenty-five . Ellenor Jane Kinrade.

Witnessed by Edwin Cowin Craine, civil servant, 11 Dulverton Road, Anglwith?, Liverpool

Two pages of ledger following.


  1. Ballakilley
  2. William was the younger son of Thomas Mylrea & Ann Killey. They married in Lonan in 1833
  3. His older brother Thomas jnr was entitled to the family estate however he died in 1879 before his father
  4. William, inherited Ballakilley, but lived with his family at Croit-e-Quill, in Sunhill Cottage. He was a miner at the time of his marriage, and described variously during his lifetime as an engine driver & general laborer. He was listed in Brown's Directory 1894 as "owner of part of Ballakilley" but never in census collections as a farmer
  5. William & Emily had four children, all of whom quickly died
    • William Henry 1874-1874
    • Emily Ann 1880-1880
    • Robert William 1886-1887
    • Harriet Ann 1888-1888
  6. There might have been a genetic problem in this Mylrea line because there were no discernable living siblings of Thomas snr, although records of several dead ones; Thomas Mylrea jnr and wife Ann Jane Cubbon had no children in their short marriage and Thomas jnr died at the age of 35. On the other hand, it might have been a Clague endowment with Isabella, John & Catherine having no living children, and their sister Elizabeth (the grandmother of Thomas Mylrea jnr) having about 8 children, most of whom died
  7. Whatever Thomas's ancestry, his male line ceased with the death of his brother, William, in 1924
  8. The MI for Thomas jnr and his wife reads: In affectionate remembrance of Thomas Mylrea of Ballakilley, Lonan, who died February 11, 1879, aged 35 years. Also Anne Jane, wife of the above, who died May 16, 1896, aged 48 years.

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