Will - 1787 (Andreas)

In the name of God amen William Mylrea Archdeacon of this Isle and rector of KK Andreas calling to mind the uncertainty of this transitory life and revoking all former wills by me .... do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following:

First I commit my soul to God and body to be interred at the discretion of my executrix hereafter named

And whereas my daughter Lucy Mylrea hath been lately provided for by Marriage Articles and Settlement I therefore only will and bequeath to her the sum of one guinea to purchase a mourning ring or to apply otherwise as she shall think proper.

I leave and bequeath to my daughter Catherine the sum of one hundred pounds in which said sum her dividend of her uncle’s legacy to my children is included.

I leave and bequeath to my son Daniel the sum of fifty pounds in which likewise is included his dividend of his uncle’s legacy to my children.

And whereas my sons Thomas and William have already received their respective dividends of their uncle’s legacy to my children and have also received ....... more than the provision which their younger brother can expect from my estate real and personal I therefore only will and bequeath to each of them my said sons Thomas and William the sum of ten pounds.

And whereas my wife has willed, devised and bequeathed to me all her right, title, interest in and unto our purchased lands in KK Andreas upon my relinquishing my right to her concerns of houses and lands in the parishes of KK Patrick and KK German and in the town of Douglas, I do therefore hereby order and direct that the said lands in KK Andreas purchased from John Barrett and John Kinney be sold by my executrix to the best advantage, and I do will and bequeath the proceeds or money arising from such sales to my sons James and Basil in equal moieties or shares to be paid unto them as they shall respectively .......... the age of twenty-one years, or when their mother shall think the sums useful to them to set them up in business ........ to her discretion in which said legacies to my said sons James and Basil their respective dividends of their uncle’s legacy to my children are included and I order and direct that the said legacy of one hundred pounds to my daughter Catherine is to be paid to her upon her marriage with her mother’s consent or as soon before her mother thinks proper and not sooner.

I do will, devise and bequeath to my loving wife Ellinor Mylrea als Gell all my right, title and interest of, in and unto all my concerns of lands whether Quarterland or Intack in the parishes of KK German and KK Patrick viz Vinck’s Meadow, the Marle Fields and Peel Hill as also the dwelling house, cellars, warehouses, stables, yards and gardens in the town of Peel with my right in a sixteenth part of the late Mr John Kelly’s concerns in the town of Douglas desirous that these concerns may be disposed of amongst our children in such shares in such a manner as she shall judge meet.

And I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint her my said loving wife Ellinor Mylrea als Gell my residuary legatee and sole executrix of this my last will and testament .................... guardian of such of my said children as are under age.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this twenty-first day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand, seven hundred and eighty-three. W. Mylrea (seal)

NB The words Lucy Mylrea were interlined before the execution hereof

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the testator the Rev. Mr William Mylrea in .... for his last will and testament in our presence who in his presence and at his request and in the presence of eachother have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto. William Clucas, Ewan Christian

At a Consistory Court holden at KK Andreas 22nd Nov 1787] jurati

The executrix is sworn in Court in form of law.


  1. Deemster/Archdeacon/MHK/Attorney General line; and once possessors of the Dollough estate
  2. Youngest son of Daniel Mylrea & Lucy Parry, baptised 1722 in Ballaugh
  3. William took holy orders: Curate Andreas 1747-1754, Rector of Bride 24/7/1754-1760, Rector of Andreas 29/1/1760-1787, Archdeacon of Mann 17/6/1760-1787
  4. Married Ellinor Gell in Peel 29th January 1755 in German. She was an heiress, in possession of houses and lands
  5. Despite the fact that William was the third son, and had surrendered whatever claim he might have had to his father's estate in 1757, he left a substantial legacy of houses and lands. See also their cottages in Peel of which they had several in 1786
  6. Twelve children of whom seven reached adulthood:
    • Lucy 1756 - married John Quayle 1783
    • Daniel 1757 - married Susannah Curphey 1788, Holy Orders - Archdeacon, two sons and two daughters (all died without issue)
    • Thomas 1758 - MHK, died unmarried 1830
    • William 1760 - mariner (slaver?), died unmarried 1787
    • Catharine 1768 - married Robert Quayle 1792
    • James 1770 - mariner (slaver?), died unmarried 1794
    • Basil 1771 - mariner (slaver?), died unmarried 1799
    • Ellinor 1772 - mentioned in her brother's 1778 will but not in her father's
  7. His daughters both received marriage settlements of £1,000
  8. Son Daniel followed in his father's footsteps and became the Archdeacon of Mann
  9. Son Thomas followed another family career path and became an MHK. His mother left him the house in Billtown
  10. Three youngest sons all died and sea, and were probably slavers
  11. Youngest son Basil might have been a tearaway. He borrowed heavily but it was his family who repaid the debts
  12. Two daughters married brothers Quayle. No information about Ellinor
  13. William was buried 18th September 1787, in Andreas

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