Will - 1787 (Andreas)

[originally provided by Shirley C Hogensen to Brian Lawson]


The humble petition of John Quayle of Castletown and the Revd Daniel Mylrea of the parish of Andreas as well in their own right as, for and in behalf of Ellinor Mylrea and Thomas, Catharine, James and Basil Mylrea. Sheweth:

That William Mylrea son of the Rev'd William Mylrea Archdeacon of this Isle late decease and Ellinor his wife and brother to the petitioner Daniel Mylrea, and to Lucy Quayle als Mylrea wife of your petitioner John Quayle, and to the said Thomas, Catharine, James and Basil did on or about the fourteen day of November last on his passage from the coast of Guinea to the West Indies depart this life intestate, by means whereof your petitioners are become entitled unto all and singular the property, goods, cash, credits, and effects which he the said William Mylrea died possessed of and to which he might be entitled unto as well in this island as elsewhere.

Your petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Reverences may be pleased to grant unto your petitioners as well on behalf of themselves as for and on behalf of and in trust for the said Ellinor, Thomas, Catharine, James, and Basil administration of all and singular the property goods, cash, credits, and effects which the said William Mylrea died possessed of, and to which he might be entitled and your petitioners shall pray.

James Kelly for the Petitioners ordered that the matter of the beforegoing petition do come on to be heard at a Consistory Court to be holden at the house of Thomas Quine in this parish on Thursday next, whereof all proper parties and persons to have legal notice and service.

Given at KK Patrick 22 April 1788. Ev Christian

William Mylrea formerly of the parish of Liverpool in the County of Lancaster in England, bachelor, having departed this life on about the fourteenth day of November last past on his passage from coast of Guinea to the West Indies, intestate, and this Court having received intelligence thereof have decreed his mother Ellinor Mylrea and his brother and sisters namely Daniel, Thomas, James, Basil Mylrea, and Lucy Quayle als Mylrea and Catharine Mylrea joint administrators of all and singular his goods, rights, credits, chattels, and effects, movable and immovable whatever, that are within this diocese and the said Ellinor Mylrea, Thomas James, Basil and Catharine Mylrea being absent, he the said Daniel Mylrea and John Quayle, husband of the said Lucy Quayle als Mylrea, are thereupon sworn well and truly to administer the estate of their said intestate, to pay all his just debts so far forth as his goods and effects will extend, and the law shall bind them, and to be faithful and just the one to the other, also to their said absent co-administrators in the division of the residuum of the said estate, and to these ends they have given pledges in form of law, namely John Lace and James Kelly both of Castletown Esquires.

Decretum est

John: Moore and Ev:Christian



  1. Deemster/Archdeacon/ MHK/ Attorney General line; and once possessors of the Dollough estate
  2. Third son of William Mylrea & Ellinor Gell, born 1760 in Ballaugh
  3. William was a slaver, and like two younger brothers (James & Basil), died at sea
  4. He was not married
  5. His father was Archdeacon of Mann, his brother Daniel also achieved that office
  6. His father was the youngest surviving son of Daniel Mylrea (Deemster) & Lucy Parry

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