MARRIAGE - 1753 (German)

Whereas there was Articles of Marriage drawn up betwixt Nicholas Cain and Isabel his wife of KK German in behalf of their son William Cain, and Thomas Mylrea and Jane his wife in behalf of their daughter Isabel Mylrea of the parish of KK Braddan on the other part, in which Articles of Marriage there are several sentences and clauses disagreeable to the parties or especially to said Nicholas Cain and wife

Therefore for the better specifying of said Articles and reconciling of the parties, it is this day agreed upon that the said Nicholas Cain and Isabel his wife do hereby settle and estate upon their said son William Cain the one half of all their houses and lands with the one half of the crop and husbandry gears now in present possession of the premises being by them purchased, of the Quarterland of Moaney Moar in said parish of KK German, and the other half of said lands and houses and husbandry gears immediately after the decease of the longer liver of said Nicholas Cain or Isabel his wife to descend as in inheritance for the future

Secondly we the said Thomas Mylrea and Jane my wife hereby promise to give and pay unto the young couple viz William and Isabel the sum of twelve pounds in portion, as also do settle and estate upon them our lands lately purchased by us from Edward Tear being part of the tenement of Balla Fletcher and Quarterland of Balla Oates in KK Braddan to be possessed and enjoyed by the …………………… (several lines missing) Or Jane my wife as aforesaid, but in case there be no issue living betwixt the said young couple to enjoy the premises, that then and in that case the said Thomas Mylrea’s part of the same is to revert to himself and Jane his wife, the said sum of twelve pounds portion to be paid immediately after the said young couple are married a year and a day. Also it is agreed upon that the said Thomas Mylrea and Jane his wife are at liberty hereby to mortgage the premises for the sum of ten pounds and no more

Thirdly it is agreed upon by the said William Cain and Isabel his wife are to clear and discharge and pay all encumbrances or mortgages already committed to writing for and concerning the said tenement of Moaney Moar as well as principal and interest for time past and for the future the interest together with all other suits and services annually incumbent on the premises to be paid equally betwixt the said Nicholas Cain and William Cain otherwise in default of non-payment of said interest for the time to come upon said Nicholas Cain’s part that he is to quit up his part of the premises unto his son William

Fourthly and lastly for the punctual performance of all and singular the premises all parties concerned to bind and oblige themselves, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns under penalty of two hundred pounds sterling to be levied and paid according to law. In witness whereof hey have thereunto set their names and marks this 23rd April 1753. Nicholas Cain his X, Thomas Mylrea his X, William Cain his X, Isabel Cain her X, Jane Mylrea her X,

Signed and delivered in presence of William Cannell his X, Thomas Cannell

15th October 1753 Nicholas Cain and Thomas Mylrea acknowledged the within Deed of Agreement and Settlement to be their proper act and deed. Before me Dan Mylrea

15h May 1754 Isabel Cain and Jane Mylrea acknowledged the within Deed of Agreement and Settlement to be their proper act and deed. Before me Dan Mylrea

At a Sheading Court holden at Peeletown the 15th May 1774 The written Deed of Agreement and Settlement being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it is therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law. Dan Mylrea, John Taubman, John Quayle(?), Dan Mylrea

[Ref: N/SSS May 1754 #20]


  1. Isabel was the daughter, and only surviving child of Thomas Mylrea and Jane Karran, b1735 Braddan whose baptismal entry also had the notation "Balla mi Claghyn"
  2. These Articles were concluded 4 days before her wedding. She would have been 18 years of age
  3. Her father was most probably the son of William, the son of William Mylrea & Ann Christian, and Ellinor Mylrea als Quayle, making Isabel part of the Deemster/Archbishop/Attorney General line of Mylreas
  4. Thomas was a tenant farmer on the Balla Fletcher estate in the quarterland of Balla oates in the treen of Castleward in the parish of Braddan prior to Isabel's marriage in German
  5. An estate on the quarterland of Moaney Moar was given to William Cain by his parents in his Marriage Contract in 1853 but it was probably mortgaged at the time and Thomas might have paid out the mortgages and thus come into possession of the estate (LV May 1758)
  6. The estate on Moaney Moar + and Intack had a Lord's Rent of 5s 5½ d + 4½d
  7. Ironically, this quarterland had been occupied by a Reginald Mc gilrea in 1511/15 Manorial Roll
  8. Having purchased tenancy of the estate, Thomas then sold half of the property back to his son in law for £2 three years later
  9. Isabel's partents, Thomas and Jane, went to live in German after Jane's marriage, where Thomas died in 1774 and Jane in 1785
  10. Isabel & William had sons John, Matthew, Thomas & William
  11. Isabel died in 1811 and William in 1813
  12. William's mother was Isabel Taylor

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