Assignment - 1900 (Lonan)

This Deed made the twenty-fifth day of September in the year one thousand, nine hundred between Benjamin Mylroi of Laxey Glen in the parish of Lonan, joiner, (and hereinafter called ‘the assignor’) of the one part and John Mylechreest of Thalloo Hogg in the parish of Lonan, miner, (hereinafter called ‘the assignee’) of the other part

Whereas William Godfrey Clague of Laxey in the parish of Lonan did on the twenty-third day of August in the year one thousand, eight hundred and eighty-eight pass a Deed of Bond and Security or Mortgage to John Mylroi of Laxey Glen in the said parish of Lonan, joiner, for the principal sum of sixty-two pounds with interest, costs and charges encumbering all and singular that certain dwelling house, garden and premises situate in Old Laxey in the parish of Lonan and in the said Deed more particularly described

And whereas the said John Mylroi some time thereafter departed this life having made and published his last will and testament probate whereof was granted to Benjamin Mylroi the executor therein named on the fifteenth day of January in the year nineteen hundred

And whereas all interest, costs and charges under the said Deed of Bond and Security to the date of these presents have been paid as the assignor doth hereby acknowledge

And whereas it has been arranged that the said Deed of Bond and Security shall be transferred to the assignee

Now these presents witness that the assignor (that is the said executor of the said John Mylroi) in consideration of the sum of sixty-two pounds (the principal money aforesaid) to him paid by the assignee the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged doth by these presents give, grant, transfer and assign unto the assignee all that the said principal money of sixty-two pounds together with the said Deed of Bond and Security of the 23rd day of August 1888 and the house, garden and premises granted in security thereby and with interest on the said principal money from the date of these presents to have and to hold the same and all the right, title and interest both at law and in equity of the assignor of the said Deed of Bond and Security and the principal money secured thereby unto the assignee, his executors, administrators and assigns in as full and ample a manner as the assignor now holds the same

Provided always and it is hereby declared that the assignor, his executors or administrators shall not be liable to the assignee, his executors, administrators or assigns in anywise by reason of the assignor having executed these presents.

In witness whereof the assignor hath hereunto subscribed his name the day and year first before mentioned. Benjamin Mylroi, executor of John Mylroi

Signed and delivered in presence of Henry Jane, Laxey Glen, John Thomas Cowin, Laxey

At Douglas, Isle of Man 26 September 1900 John Thomas Cowin one of the subscribing witnesses to the execution of the foregoing Deed (who is known to me) made oath on the Holy Evangelist that Benjamin Mylroi the executing parties duly signed and executed the same in deponent’s presence and in presence of Henry Jane the other subscribing witness thereto. Before me Samuel Harris, High Bailiff of Douglas

Registry Office for Deeds 26 September 1900 I certify that the foregoing Deed was this day at the hour of 11.50 o’clock forenoon received by me at this Office for the purpose of being registered and recorded according to law and that the same is duly registered, recorded and entered in the Requisition Book fourteen, page 180, No. 2337. Frank J. Johnson, D. Reg

[Ref: Sept 1900 #24 Lonan]


  1. Laxey Glen- Glen Road
  2. Benjamin Mylroi was the son of John Mylroi & Sarah Ball. He was born in 1869 in Lonan
  3. He was a builder, as were his father John and brother Thomas
  4. Benjamin married Beatrice Ann Worrell in Lonan in 1889 and they had four children:
    • Sarah 1890
    • John George 1892
    • Elsie 1895
    • Benjamin Thomas 1897
  5. His brother Thomas, his father John and his grandfather Daniel all died within a brief period of 4 months, leaving Benjamin and his two small sons as the sole surviving males from Daniel's line

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