POWER of ATTORNEY - 1775 (Ballaugh)

Know all men by these presence that I Daniel Mylrea of Clerk Hill in the County of Down and Kingdom of Ireland, proprietor of the Dollaugh Moar in the parish of Ballaugh, Isle of Man, have constituted, authorised and appointed and by these presence do constitute, authorise and appoint Captain George Savage of Peeltown in the said Isle, my true and lawful attorney, for me and in my name, place and stead and to and for my use to demand, sue for, prosecute, have, obtain and receive all sum and sums of money whatsoever due or hereafter to become due, payable and of right belonging, or to belong to me the said Daniel Mylrea, for and on account of land rent, or otherwise howsoever within the said Isle and on full receipt and discharge of such sums severally and respectively, legal and proper discharges and acquittances for the same to make and execute for me and in my name

And generally to do, perform and execute in, for touching or concerning the premises and my rights, interest and property in the said Isle with respect to the setting, leasing and farm letting my said estate and other the lands, edifices and buildings in the said Isle to me belonging or appertaining, in conjunction with William Callow, Gent Attorney and the receiving of the rents issuing or to arise therefrom as to my said Attorney with the concurrent and approbation of the said William Callow shall at all times seem advisable, proper and eligible to be done, ratifying and confirming whatsoever my said Attorney shall do or cause to be done in manner aforesaid for, touching or concerning the premises and every of them as fully and effectively to all intents and purposes as if I myself were present and did the same in my own proper person

In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed seal this the fifteen day of June one thousand, seven hundred and seventy-five Daniel Mylrea (seal)

Signed sealed and delivered to William Callow in behalf of Captain Savage for the uses, intents, purposes therein mentioned in presence of John Field, Edward Killey

Mr Daniel Mylrea acknowledged the before written letter or power of attorney to be his proper act and deed this seventeenth day of June 1775. Before me Richard Dawson


  1. Daniel's bachelor uncle (Daniel Mylrea the Deemster) died in February 1775, leaving Daniel his main beneficiary
  2. His was the Deemster/Archdeacon/MHK/ Attorney General line of Mylreas;and the Dollough estate had been in this family for close to 300 years when young Daniel inherited in 1775
  3. He was the son of Thomas Mylrea & Rose Savage, baptised Peel 1750. his father a second son and thus not entitle to the Dollough but Daniel, as the oldest son of this second son became the legitimate heir when his uncle died without children
  4. Young Daniel sold off the heriditary Mylrea estate in 1777 which returned him about £3,000. The sales signalled the end of Mylrea ownership of the fabled Dollough, occupied by the Mylrea clan since records began
  5. George Savage is his uncle on his mother's side
  6. Presumably this Power of Attorney was necessary to begin the process of transferring the legacy from his uncle's to Daniel's ownership and to continue to collect rent from the tenants on the estate

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